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Applying for Another Job

I got information about a job opening the way I usually do, by walking up to somebody doing a job that I think I might like to do and asking about it. I have a name and phone number to call as well as a company name. I would be working part time, so I’d have more time for the maintenance around here that is NOT getting done. I would have insurance which has been SwampMan’s big objection about my leaving the school system. I’d need another vehicle because it involves travel, which I might actually be able to afford.

I came home to make the call to the person but started to feel guilty about pregnant daughter and two little grandsons, since I had been planning to take four years’ worth of accumulated leave time to care for them when daughter had the C-section. Uh oh. Mom guilt kicking in.

I called daughter. No answer. Dang.

Daughter called back later, too late for me to call the person about the job. I explained about the job. She said “TAKE IT!” I said something along the lines of “but I probably won’t be able to take care of the kids during the C-section…” “What are you, crazy from being among crazy people for so long? TAKE IT!”

So I’ll call about the job tomorrow after work, if it is still open. Keep your fingers crossed for me. And, uh, keep your fingers crossed that I don’t go setting bridges on fire and/or detonating them at work before I even apply for a job that I may not get, after all!

If I get the job, it will be great. I’ll be a lot happier, have more time to do the things that I like to do, more time for family, and probably drop a lot of weight because my cortisol level will be a LOT lower. I’ll also bring home more cash! If I don’t get the job, it will be great. I can take time off for SwampMan’s knee surgery (if he gets it), and take time off for daughter’s C-section and care for her little sweethearts during the summer months.


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New Flashlight

I was at Northern Tool yesterday and decided that I better get another flashlight, my last flashlight having been dismantled and “fixed” by the youngest grandson. Of course, I never remember that the flashlights have had last rites performed over them until I’m standing outside in the dark with a feed bucket in hand, feeling my way around in the barn. For some reason, I remembered the lack of flashlights in daylight! Well, the reason was probably because I was getting all anxious about getting home before dark to feed….wait! I can buy a flashlight!

So buy a flashlight I did! I did not know that you could get a flashlight/multitool. So now if I want to stab somebody (or something) with my flashlight, I can! If I want to saw something with my flashlight, I can! If I want to open a can with my flashlight, well, I can. I have lots of tools to flip out of my flashlight now. It can get confusing if suddenly I am confronted by a malicious stranger or neighbor in the barn at night. I’d have to ask him (or her) to hold on for a moment while I found the proper blade, depending on whether I wanted to stab him/her, saw a finger, or maybe stick ’em in the eye with a screwdriver. It would be totally embarrassing to intend to cut the femoral artery and instead pull the can opener blade out.

Gawd help me if littlest grandson ever gets hold of it. He’ll fix the furniture for sure, along with all the electrical appliances.

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