For My Birthday, Could You Spend the Day With Me?

It is granddaughter’s birthday today. I called earlier in the week to find out what I needed to get for her birthday. Something that she really wanted (that I could afford). Her mom said that she wasn’t home, she was off spending the night at another grandma’s house, but to tell her mom to tell me that all she really wanted for her birthday was for us to spend the day together.

It was like another stab to the heart. More time that I do not have to give because all of it is going to other people’s children!

I will call her back this evening, after her birthday festivities are over, and arrange a time when we can spend the entire day together. We will go shopping, go to book stores, go to craft stores, or wherever she wants. Maybe we’ll ride bicycles as well. Whatever she wants to do is fine with me, except maybe bungee jumping. I really don’t want to go there. And if I bring her home with blue hair, I think her mom would hurt me, even if her momma is just a little teensy thing.

Meanwhile, Mom is waiting for my visit. Her birthday is coming up. “For my birthday, could you please just come spend the day with me? I don’t need anything, just your company….”

And, of course, SwampMan is always complaining that HE doesn’t get to spend enough time with me. I don’t spend enough time with daughter and grandsons. Our in laws up in Georgia don’t see us enough. I haven’t seen my brothers in 10 years. My last aunt died before I got to visit.

Family is too important to be always put last.

My former daughter in law has been after me for ten years now to go into business with her. Maybe we (all the family members) should just all go into business together, spend the entire day together every single day, and then after a couple weeks we’d be so sick of each other that nobody would ever want to see anybody again!

Seriously, though, she has a point. My Momma is a GREAT painter, as in she creates beautiful decorative birds and flowers. I’m not quite as good. My mother in law makes gorgeous quilts. My former daughter in law sews creatively and makes beautiful ceramics. I do great faux finishes for walls, make concrete planters, carve wood, spin and dye wool, and can wallpaper the fool out of a room.

Together, we should have a business there somewhere.


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    kcduffy said,

    I would like to spend a day with my mum. Little Sister has made that impossible, and it’s sad. So glad I get to spend my day with my girlie AND see my daughter and son-in-law several times a week, even if it’s just to drop off plates of chicken and greens and mac & cheese!

    The woman we got the food from wants to have a restaurant. I told her I know how to wash dishes, so let me know when it happens.

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