Not Enough Time in the Day

SwampMan and I spent the entire day outside yesterday working which is what we do when we have any sort of time. As usual, we had far too much to do for the time that we had available. Today, more work outside, some cleanup work inside, loads and loads of ironing of “professional clothes” for work, as well as time for review of tutoring for some new kids for next week.

So I had a brilliant idea! I’ll get even less sleep during the weekend! I got up at 4 a.m. to try to get everything done today while SwampMan isn’t in the way. The dishwasher is going, the tea is brewed for sweet tea, the dogs and cat and horse are fed, the ducks are fed, the washer is washing. I put some music videos praising God on the blog because Lord knows I won’t make it to church today. Not enough time.

I was rushing between my steamer set up in the dining room (where’s my gray shirt? I have to wear my gray shirt Monday in mourning for my lost weekend!) to the ironing board in front of the weather channel in the den (could my gray shirt be there?) when I tripped over the cord to the vacuum and stumbled into the mop in the kitchen. I went DOWN hard on the kitchen floor.

In retrospect, I should have put that damn vacuum cleaner away. I was all set to vacuum SwampMan’s dirty footprints off the carpet where he plodded across the den and living room with dirty shoes yesterday evening, but a brief moment of sanity intervened. If SwampMan was awakened by a vacuum cleaner at 4 a.m., he probably wouldn’t be very happy. He’d probably come out of the bedroom, ask me if I’d lost my freakin’ mind, drag me back to bed, and order me to stay there until dawn. It has happened before! So I mopped the kitchen floor instead (dirty footprints!) but hadn’t put the mop away either. Being disorganized hurts!

It’s dawn. The ironing is done, except for the gray polo shirt. It was mixed in with SwampMan’s work shirts. I HAVE to have that shirt. It’s charcoal gray with black trim, the color of mourning without being real obvious about it. So, another load of clothes is in the washer. Then outside to meander in the cool dawn with a cup of hot tea before attacking the carpet with the vacuum cleaner. And I gotta put that mop away before I fall over it again. Or maybe I’ll take a little nap instead.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Swampie, put the mop away before SWAMPMAN falls over it! Been awake since 0530, doing not much but feeding the cats…much to do but for some reason the half deaf guy can hear me when I try to work around here in the mornings. He doesn’t NEED to be up this early, just getting over nasty virus. Coffee’s done! LOVELY morning!

  2. 2

    no2liberals said,

    There isn’t enough time and yet you found the time to put up five posts today, when you had gone five days without posting.
    You gotsta focus, Swampie.

  3. 3

    SwampWoman said,

    I had more time today! Some of them, I am sad to say, I put up while I was talking on the phone. Well, not so much talking as listening while other people went yada yada yada interminably. Well, maybe not so much listening as going “uh huh” periodically whenever there was a pause. When people are complaining about their spouses, I have found over the years that they don’t really want any kind of significant input. They just want to complain while I go “uh huh” and “well, I’ll be!” occasionally.

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