Yeah, I Voted!

I missed early voting because I worked late during the week, then completely forgot over the weekend. Yikes! I couldn’t believe that I did that. I was mentally dope slapping myself Saturday night.

The best thing about early voting (well, aside from good parking places and lack of lines) is that I could vote at the library. Yay! Vote and get books in the same visit!

Our precincts were changed over the summer, and I didn’t know where they were changed to. I asked SwampMan, the storehouse of all knowledge connected with the town and reader of actual instructions in newspapers, where our new precinct was. After all, since he knows all those things, then why should I worry about it? He shrugged. He didn’t know. He didn’t care. His organized and superior self had gone to early voting. “Try the library!”

I went hopefully to the library, where I was rejected, and sent to my correct precinct. One without books. One with hardly any parking. One with a line. *sigh* On the other hand, lots of people were voting!

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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    I went the other route.
    After years of early voting, I voted just after lunch on a cool windy day with heavy rain.
    When early voting began on Monday the 18th, I knew I would be too busy that day and Tuesday, so I planned to vote later in the week. Then as reports started coming in from all over the country about voting machine irregularities, including in Dallas, I decided to wait until the second week to see if there were any other problems.
    Then as last proceeded, whenever I drove by the library just 1.5 miles from home, the huge parking lot was always full and lots of people going in and out.
    I then decided, after considering all the above, to vote on election day and to check each and every candidate, not a straight ticket, even though I voted straight ticket, I was still concerned by reports of rigged machines.
    The best part of not voting early, besides my previous concerns? Unlike early voting, there was no line at the elementary school where I voted, and they used a paper ballot with an optical scanner. Much less chance of manipulation along with a paper trail.
    BTW, Øbummer accomplishes what I previously thought impossible, he blows and sucks…simultaneously.

  2. 2

    SwampWoman said,

    Yeah, paper ballot here, too. Took a lot longer!

  3. 3

    Robert D said,

    Our little berg here in the sticks doesn’t qualify for a polling place…absentee only. But, I like it that way ’cause there’s people at the polling places.

    • 4

      no2liberals said,

      And my friend thought I was unsocial because I refused a free ticket to the NASCAR race coming up, because I don’t want to be around a quarter of a million people in one place.

      • 5

        Robert D said,

        The older I get, the less patience I have for humans.

      • 6

        no2liberals said,

        Humans that know how to behave don’t bother me none. It’s that 5% that need their heads slapped fifty times a day that wear me out.

      • 7

        SwampWoman said,

        Yeah, ditto that! I don’t want to be around a lot of people for any reason. And by “a lot”, I mean that even family reunions make me uncomfortable.

      • 8

        kcduffy said,

        I live in a house with one other human…and sometimes that’s one too many. He’s convinced me to go see a play with him this weekend, and I have been to a movie once (first time since LOTR).

        I keep telling him I don’t like people. He doesn’t seem to care.

  4. 9

    JenDaisy said,

    I absentee ballot voted. I could have early voted; or waited in lines yesterday…. but then I would have to be around people I dont like and dont want to know. The more I deal with people w/ my job- the less I like them. But I did vote! yay!

  5. 10

    kae said,

    Hi all
    I’ve worked on the polls here in Aus, for the Government (The Electoral Office), and for a politician.
    Is it the same over there, when everyone votes early and you get hammered in the AM it means a change of Government?
    (In Aus we vote on Saturdays from 7am to 6pm. We have postal votes which are submitted early, but that’s it!)

    • 11

      SwampWoman said,

      Early voting here means that polls are open for two weeks prior to the actual election date, and people can come by and make their choice before lines form. There were a LOT of early voters this time. People can also pick up an absentee ballot and mail it in if they want to avoid the polls completely (elderly, infirm, people with small children).

  6. 12

    Croc Hunter said,

    Well, I can’t lie to my friends. For the 1st time in many years I didn’t vote. I got called out of town a couple of weeks ago for a couple day job and it ended up being 2 weeks and got back in town Monday night. Alright I can vote on Tuesday, wrong, phone rang early on Tuesday morning wanting me to be on another job site ASAP okay I figured later I could vote didn’t get done till after polls closed. Talk about a pissed off croc. My fellow Texan’s helped me out and voted my people in office (I got saved)!!!!! Thank you.

    After dealing with FOOLS all day long I sure don’t like to be around crowds but would like to go to a TMS race once just to say I went.

  7. 13

    SE Kern County. Mail in.
    But I had mine in two weeks before election day.
    Sorry that we did not get rid of Babs. Truly sorry.
    I can have no input on the outgoing sphincter of the house. Not in that district.
    And pray for us. We got the Moonbeam, again.
    Things are going to get stupid in California. Really stupid.

  8. 14

    swampie said,

    I thought things were really stupid in California previously. This is entering unchartered territory–a great black hole of vacuity previously unseen outside of third world countries.

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