Day Out With the Granddaughter

My darlin’ little granddaughter and I went out on Veteran’s Day to celebrate her Halloween birthday. We walked through about all the stores in Orange Park mall. She thought it was funny that Grandma refused to buy her the blue jeans with rips on the thighs that looked as though they were designed by pedophiles. Nope. Grandma ain’t all THAT indulgent.

I hadn’t been to the Orange Park mall for ten years, which is tantamount to forever in the retail world. Lots of new places there! Not that I have anything against Orange Park, kc, but I just don’t go to malls anymore except when I’m dragged reluctantly through the Georgia shopping centers with my momma, the energizer bunny of comparison shopping.

I was shocked at the prices of kids’ clothing and what poor quality materials they were made of. Luckily, granddaughter is a thrifty shopper and would look at a shirt and say “that is definitely not worth $30!” so I didn’t have to.

Later, over lunch at a Mexican restaurant, I worried aloud that Papa and I hadn’t taught her to shoot yet and she’s growing up so quickly! Our little third grader reassured me. “That’s okay, grandma, you don’t have to worry about THAT. Daddy and (her stepdad) have taught me. Daddy got me a rifle for my birthday.” Well, of course her daddy and stepdad would, which is why we didn’t think of it earlier, I suppose. She shoots with daddy and fishes with stepdaddy. She sews, cooks, makes clay items and different crafts with Mommy. She fixes cars and welds with daddy and fixes electrical things with stepdaddy. All in all, a well-rounded education for a little girl.

So what is grandma contributing to her education? Nothin’ much. We fed, gathered eggs, and practiced how the pioneers would write using duck quills and thinned paint (since we didn’t have any ink).


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    You need not apologise to ME for not liking malls, Swampie, I don’t exactly spend time there just to amuse myself. If I HAVE to go to one, I go to OP because it’s close. And I know where stuff is…mostly…sorta.

    Started learning to shoot at the same age. .22 of my brother’s. Got married and old and live in a city, have not fired a weapon of any kind in a VERY long time…you have anywhere near you I could re-learn to shoot my new Mossberg?

    Sounds like a good day – except for the mall.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    I’m a lil’ nervous about shooting my Mossberg out here! There could be ten people standing shoulder to shoulder out in the woods beyond this fence and I’d never see them.

  3. 3

    kae said,

    “So what is grandma contributing to her education?”

    A lot. Precious time, learning about animals and things, watching the vege garden grow. That’s wonderful, Grandma!

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