Comply With Me

Heh. Iowahawk is freakin’ comedic genius but, unfortunately, the real life situation isn’t all that funny. I wonder why people are complying with this. *sigh* Well, yeah, I do. They’re probably traveling on business and have no choice. Corporations frown on their executives and sales folk stripping nekkid in the airport and mooning governmental representatives. If I had the extra cash, y’all would be seein’ my (and SwampMan’s!) nekkid bod(ies) on the evening news shows, so be very, very thankful that we’re broke.

H/T Robert D at Grouchy Conservative Pundits.

Stewardess with 32 years’ experience and breast cancer forced to remove prosthesis during pat down. Ya know, if I’d have to be groped or irradiated (or both!) before reporting to work every morning, I believe my answer would start with “f” and end with “you”.

I think the airports really be needin’ a flash mob. I can hear it now: “Breaking news: Action news reports that the airport is currently under attack by terrorists in really baggy gold lame pants shouting “you can’t touch this!”


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