Oh, Snap!

Coming home from Georgia last night, SwampMan’s truck developed a case of hiccups coming down our road, and cut off right before the driveway. We coasted up to the gate. GOOD TRUCK! He was able to get it restarted and, after dying several times, it made it to his barn.

We stood around doing a verbal necropsy of the patient. We agreed that it wasn’t spark plugs or wires because it happened so suddenly. The truck went from running well to not running at all in about a half mile. He had filled up with gas shortly before this incident, so he thinks it could be the fuel filter plugged up. I’m cool with the fuel filter theory but asked him to consider the possibility of a sensor going out. It probably is NOT the fuel pump because I could hear it pumping.

Update: Wouldn’t you know it? We’re both wrong and the obvious solutions ain’t worked. *sigh* The problem didn’t show up on the computer diagnostic thing that you plug into the vehicle, either, damnit. (When in doubt, use the computer diagnostic thingamabob, and when that don’t work, start replacing cheapest stuff first…..)


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Oh NO!

    Here’s another time this week that I do not envy you.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    SwampMan’s voltmeter is MIA, so we just got back from the auto parts place with a new one so that SwampMan can maybe narrow down the possibilities just a tad. *shrug* We have old vehicles, it’s to be expected.

    Somehow he seems to think that I did something with it (the missing voltmeter). He didn’t come out and actually acuse me of stealing his voltmeter and using it in a manner for which it was not made, you understand, just said that it wasn’t where HE put it with a glare in my direction. Since there are only two of us with opposable thumbs that live here (required to open the box where he allegedly kept it), it must mean that I took it. I know darn good and well that he put it down somewhere when he was working on something else, and it is still laying there.

    He gets all cranky when something doesn’t work. Takes it as a personal affront. I’m trying to stay out of ol’ grumpybutt’s way as much as possible!

  3. 3

    Croc Hunter said,

    Sounds like you got a bad tank of fuel. Try putting a bottle of RXP or B12 to clean all of the crap out. Fuel pump could be clogged just enough.

  4. 4

    swampie said,

    Well, we’re getting fuel spraying, but I suppose that bottle of stuff couldn’t hurt, and is probably inexpensive. SwampMan checked the ignition system, so he told me, and the only thing it could *possibly* be was the rotor. Hmmmm. Hauled him up to the parts store again and, on the return home, queried as to whether he had indeed checked everything. “Well, not everything……but I’m sure this is the problem.”

    Brought it home, put it on, and guess what. It’s one of those other things he hadn’t checked that’s the problem. He hadn’t checked the other things because they’re waaay more expensive, and he’s already spent so much today on things he didn’t need that he might not be able to afford to fix whatever IS wrong.

    I’m no financial help because I’ve got $10 left in the bank (if I hadn’t made any subtraction errors!) and can’t afford to buy anything, including groceries, dog food, or feed, until payday. Reckon we’ll be butcherin’ some chickens tomorrow.

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