Health Screening

Since time changed, I’ve been playing catch up with chores around here. I’ve been getting off late from work (uncompensated, of course) and am outside after dark trying to get feeding done, fences fixed, eggs gathered, and livestock fed and watered (particularly since the water lines out to the barn have been cut off due to freezing weather). Unfortunately, something has to give under those circumstances. What has “given” in many cases has been cooking.

I love cooking. I’m pretty good at it. Unfortunately, by the time I get inside, we’d be eating dinner maybe by 10 p.m. and gulping it down like buzzards on roadkill. So what has been happening waaaay too often is that we’re eating at a fast food establishment two and sometimes three times per day. Not good from a health food standpoint. My blood should be almost solid, right? Well, you might think it from the food propaganda that we receive 24/7. But you would be wrong.

My total cholesterol is well under 200. My HDL is high. My LDL is low. EXTREMELY low. My blood sugar is good despite having a LOT of Godiva chocolates (thanks, friends!) and sweet tea that was mostly sugar about a half hour before screening.

So, if you’re sitting around picking at green leaves in the hopes of improving your blood lipids, I’d look at another strategy if I were you. A strategy like going on a nearly total fast food deep-fried diet.

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    kcduffy said,

    Ooh, Swampie, don’t let the First Mutha hear you talk that way! She’s after those fast-food joints like a fly on manure, you know that – maybe not YET, but YET in my world stands for You’re Eligible Too. They NannyWeasels will get there in due time. So eat that stuff while you can!

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