Cold Snap

I was hobbling around outside like a crazy woman tonight trying to get livestock watered, hay distributed (for in the drought and freezing temps, we have nothing but nasty dry weeds in the pastures just looking for an excuse to burst into flames), and feed carefully rationed out. No stray chicks were in evidence tonight which was a Good Thing, because I didn’t want any house chickens tonight (or any other night).

I got home early at 4:00 p.m. but was still outside at 7 p.m. with soaked shoes and gloves watering flowers that probably aren’t going to make it past tonight. I figured watering might give them the option of surviving if they wanted to exercise it. I checked my cabbages by flashlight. DAMN those squirrels! They’d dug up most of my cabbages AGAIN. I dunno how many of them (cabbages) will survive. I suppose the squirrels are busily burying acorns in the garden, the little rat bastards. I replanted the cabbages that I could find in the dark and gave them a drink of warm water. If I planted 100 cabbages, I’d probably be lucky to have one survive to adulthood and then I’d feel too guilty to eat it after all the perils it had triumphed over.

There’s something about the cold weather that gives me the urge to cook lots and lots of food. Must be that inner cavewoman whispering “Cold weather is here! Better eat up now and store up LOTS of fat for the winter.” *sigh* I need to bitch slap that inner cavewoman into anorexia.

Dinner tonight was chicken-fried steak, mustard greens, rice, and garlic cheese biscuits. LOTS of it. I should probably be standing outside nekkid in the cold right now just to burn off a small portion of the calories that I shoveled in tonight.

I don’t *really* have to worry too much about the weight gain at the present, I suppose. Even the really skinny people were walking around work looking pretty bulky in their multiple layers. Wait a minute….even the really SKINNY people looked overweight in their layers. Oh, crap. I must look like a bus coming down the sidewalk.

The kids got off the school bus this morning with their pajamas underneath their blue jeans and long-sleeved shirts, then their sweatshirts, then their jackets. We had to take them inside and peel them so that they could walk. That was for a morning temperature of 29 degrees. Wonder what they’ll look like tomorrow?

Hmmmm. I wonder if I can get my “professional” clothes on over MY fleecy pajamas? Well…..after that dinner tonight, probably NOT.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    My broccoli seems to be flourishing. The tomato is doing well, though Duffy doubts it’ll bear anything – hey, it LOOKS nice! The buttercrisp is yummy and surviving…so far. Covered ’em up a little while ago. Hibiscus will be black in the morning. Happens every year but not usually till January! Same with the philodendron and the bird of paradise. They have always come back, though I had doubts last year.

  2. 2

    Robert D said,

    If you are going to survive swampie, you need to downsize and destress.

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