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Happy Sunday Morning!

What happened? We left Florida yesterday morning when it was warm. We drove through colder and colder rain to visit family in Georgia. We were so happy that it was pretty warm when we got back last night, and then this morning it is COLD outside! Guess we brought it back with us. I blame SwampMan. It was his family.

The cotton fields all around the in laws’ place had been picked, and the grandkids had a great time running through the stubble and picking up gobs of cotton that had been dropped by the pickers. Canadian geese were scavenging dropped soybeans from the fields behind them. I like to take them (grandkids, not geese!) walking up the dirt road to look for deer tracks. I have them run, then come back and look at their tracks to see how their feet dig deeper and kick up dirt when they’re going fast, and how their tracks are lighter and they don’t toss up dirt when they’re walking. That way, they can judge whether the animals that made the tracks they were looking at were walking or running. Son in law went walking with us, too, and ended up carrying his 3-year-old son on his shoulders since those little legs gave out after about a half mile!

There weren’t many Christmas lights evident in rural Georgia on the way home. Rural Georgians are in a big financial bind, I suppose, just like the rest of us, with a touch of despair sprinkled in for seasoning. Doesn’t really make a person feel like putting out happy Christmas lights when you can’t afford Christmas presents for the younguns, and if Grandpa and Grandma can’t afford their medication.

I’ve been saving up LOTS of chores to do during the 2-week “vacation” from school, if you can call it a vacation when we work our asses off trying to get caught up on things like tractor repairs, butchering, gardening, FENCING, ROOF REPAIR, automobile repair, Christmas decorating (no, I haven’t gotten the first decoration out of storage yet, but I’m about to!), HOUSE CLEANING, Christmas shopping, preparing for opening up another business, cooking, baking, etc.

The capitalized things are the most important, but the Christmas shopping better be bumped to the top of the list! The Christmas shopping that I’ve already done has been for the kids at school and coworkers, then the relatives, and now it is time to do it for the family. On the gift tags, I suppose I should put “The Sheep” in the from section, because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the first present if I hadn’t sold a trailer load of sheep, half last weekend and the rest picked up later today, hence the late, late, LATE Christmas shopping! Poor babies. *sigh* They’ll be somebody’s Christmas dinner, so they’ll brighten the holidays for many people.

A LOT of our shop equipment and assorted tools ended up in SwampMan’s school shop class when he was hired at the high school. When he first started working there, the only equipment they had were some 1970s era saws. Yikes. Gradually, our stuff ended up there. MY personal stuff ended up there, too! “Honey, have you seen my RotoZip and the Dremel and attachments that I use for machine carving? I hate the cabinets and want to make some changes. Oh, I can’t find my HPLV sprayer, either!”


“DAMNIT! Is it at school?”


“I need it now! Go get it!”

“Can’t get it until after Christmas. Nobody’s there to turn off the alarm system.”

I call that annoying. Swampman calls it an intervention system to keep me from doing crazy stuff on the spur of the moment. If I don’t want to still do it after waiting several days, maybe it just shouldn’t be done.

If SwampMan needed to build something for our use, he had to do it at school because that’s where all our stuff was! Over the years, though, the shop at school has been getting restocked, and our stuff that hasn’t been entirely worn out is coming home piece by piece. We’ve been buying replacement equipment and restocking our home shop so that we can open up another small business to supplement our income and maybe replace mine as funds are available. There won’t be any sheep* left to sell to pay our property taxes this year, and danged if our income is high enough to pay them out of salary, so we may be starting up in January!

*Oh, I’m not entirely sheepless. I kept 15 ewes, one of which is ancient and may die at any time (daughter’s champion ewe from long ago), and several of which are too young to breed. I just won’t have enough lambs this year to save my ass with extra income for things like taxes or Christmas.

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