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Midnight in the Cold…

Went out tonight in the cold to check out why Puppy was barking. The moon was so bright that I could make out the colors in my shirt instead of the usual shades of gray. I wandered out to the sheep barn and could easily see while inside the barn. Nothing there. Hunh. Sheep were lying about chewing their cud and wondering what the hell MY problem was. Back outside. Puppy was raising hell while looking at the house, not the sheep barn or chicken pens, which would seem to rule out coyotes or foxes or raccoons or sheep rustlers.

Puppy was barking at ducks on the roof. They were making noise with the whop whop rustle of their webbed feet in the leaves on the roof as they moved around in increasing agitation trying to find out where the danger was that Puppy was alerting to. He couldn’t be too careful with the noise on the roof. After all, I had been inside, and I am the bringer of the Canned Food. Or maybe he was concerned that they may sneak down the chimney and get into the canned food from the inside. Or maybe he just wanted to roust me out from under a warm blanket to play in the cold weather.

SwampMan thinks we need to get him a pet to keep him occupied. Puppy is really taking this whole “guardian” of the flock and hearth thing waaaaay too seriously.

I’m going to bed now. If a real threat to the house arises that is more serious than duck feet, I’m not sure I’ll be awake enough to deal with it.


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