Granddaughter Now Weighs a Little Over 4 lbs.

Daughter called on her way to work after her obstetric appointment and ultrasound. Zoe (or Zoey, haven’t asked daughter how she’s gonna spell it yet) Elizabeth weighs a little over 4 lbs., has chubby cheeks, the familial full lips, and LOTS of hair.

Dylan and Jacob spent the day yesterday. Jacob helped me bake and decorate cookies and dip pretzels into peanut butter and melted chocolate and then decorate them with sugar sprinkles. Grin. He would eat 3, decorate 1, eat 4, decorate 1, etc. I’m surprised I haven’t had a phone call about an upset tummy!

Dylan went with Papa to pick up a motor. Dylan is extremely energetic and creative, the kind of kid that will probably be placed on Ritalin so that he can sit in his chair in school and not lead all the other kids in a rousing game of tag or revolt against the school system. He decided he was Spiderman while Mommy was getting ready for work, so he got into the magic markers and made blue spiderweb designs all over his face. We picked him up in the car from Momma at work in the parking lot.

Both boys asked us if they could please have a Happy Meal from McDonald’s from lunch. “Why?” we asked. Usually they want to start a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows, not a nutritionally correct choice, but we’re the grandparents, so the hell with nutrition.

“Because”, said Jacob, “they have Bacagons Bakugans in the Happy Meals. I’ve never had a Bacagon Bakugan before because they’re too spensive, but I’d really like one.”

“I want Bacagon Bakugan too!” exclaimed Dylan.

Hmmmmmm. It would really piss off the food police, so we decided that it was a done deal. McDonald’s for lunch for everybody!

After lunch, Papa took Dylan with him on his errands with the blue spiderweb designs all over his face and a pretty good 3-year-old kid’s representation of a spider just a little off center on his forehead. Along with the Bakugan, of course. I didn’t take a picture, and dearly regret it. It isn’t the dressed up in a suit pictures that tell us what kind of kid he was (not the dressed up in a suit kind!) but the blue veining of spiderwebs that tell us that he was a superhero when he was little.


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    kcduffy said,

    What a beautiful family you have, Swampie! And you’re right about the pictures. He was a superhero when he was a little boy AND HE KNEW IT! Tugs at MY heartstrings, I can tell you that…

    Going to take a shower and get into my jammies. Whatever bug I’ve been managing to outsmart and outrun seems to have finally caught me…bleh.

    Thanks for the great pictures – I like the name, it’s VERY pretty, as Mama and Baby both are!

    • 2

      swampie said,

      Oh, NOOOOO! Hope you get plenty of sleep and get better overnight. Do you need any stem cells to fight off the bug? I have lots of fat that they can be extracted from (grin). Dang. Nobody wants my ‘stem cells’.

      Heh. They (children) get their prettiness from SwampMan, not me! And daughter might have that serene pregnancy glow, but don’t let appearances fool you. She gets MEAN evil direct and outspoken, yeah, that’s it, outspoken! when she’s pregnant! She kinda turns into me when she’s pregnant.

      • 3

        kcduffy said,

        I don’t get that way as often as I used to – drinkin’ did make me act ugly, once I stopped being amusing. I don’t think I got ugly when I was pregnant…too poor and too scared. But I only did the deed once, so who knows what MIGHT have been!

  2. 4

    no2liberals said,

    Grandbabies are THE BEST!
    Was talking with one of my daughters last week. Her nearly 5yr old(lil buzzsaw) is sumpin’ else and she had been expressing her concerns with me for a while that she thought he had ADD. I tried to assure her that he definitely did not, if anything else he was the polar opposite, and what I thought was he was very bright and wasn’t being challenged enough, thus getting bored and acting out.
    She took him to the doc last week and expressed her concerns to the doc who said he would do a quick evaluation, while she waited outside the room. Several minutes later they emerged and he asked her into his office. She asked him what he thought and he said “I just had a conversation with an 8yr old child.” He confirmed what I had told her, that his little brain is very bright and he gets bored.
    I told her that now she knows what is going on she needs to keep him engaged in activities that occupy his mind, that she will need to work harder to keep his environment enriched.
    I love that lil ol’boy. First time I looked into his eyes I could see the lights were burning brightly and that grin of his stole my heart.

    • 5

      swampie said,

      Yep. Hope y’all have a great enrichment program for the gifted there; here, not so much. Those very bright little minds can get into sooooo much mischief!

      • 6

        no2liberals said,

        That’s what buzzsaw needs, to come down and hang with you and your boys with all those critters and tools.
        I’ll send the flight info when he’s coming so y’all can pick him up at JAX. 😆

    • 7

      kcduffy said,

      What Swampie sez is right. The problem shouldn’t be the smart, active, engaged children, it’s having to dumb them down so they fit into the warehouse system. And ALL children are active and energetic and engaged when they are allowed to be children. Children LOVE to learn!

      Kaylee is going to private school, starts preK in 2 weeks. No warehousing there, it’s so much like school when I was a child…out near Little House on the Prairie, long ago and far away…

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