Happy Morning After!

I decided to cook a turkey this year because it has been YEARS since I cooked a turkey. I am supposedly the only person in the family that likes turkey (or so I’ve been told), so we never have it. I decided that if I’m going to spend hours and hours cooking, I wanted to have something that I like for a change. Once every 20 years isn’t too selfish of me, is it? The tea-brined turkey draped in sprigs of rosemary cooked in an oven bag was consumed down to the skeleton. Just little teensy pieces of white meat were left, and one of the grandson was picking the bones for those pieces later. Heh. Maybe I’m NOT the only one that likes turkey after all! There is a pie crust under the table. I wonder where THAT came from? No, I don’t! Littlest grandson was conducting a bombing raid with my bottles of sprinkles, and they are under the table, too. All in all, I think everybody had a good Christmas. At least they ate well!


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    kcduffy said,

    Thanks for that update, Swampie! Bombing raids, eh? What fun! Had my morning after yesterday…was ‘under the weather’ to say the very least. Today was AWESOME! Just got the dishes done after a tasty turkey, a Mrs. Smith’s cheescake, and a present I absolutely LOVE – a jean jacket exactly like I wanted. They’re called ‘trucker’ jackets now. No idea how much trouble it was for Duffy to find it, but I just LOVE it. He also got me a salad spinner that works ever so much better than the $2 one I had. It’s REALLY nice, and is so good to have when we grow our own lettuces. Two square baking pans from Lovely Daughter AND a pretty little ‘grandma’ picture frame make on top of a damn fine meal…most perfect day I could’ve asked for. N

    Now…coffee and more cheesecake!

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    swampie said,

    Daughter gave me what she thought was a gag gift–a Snuggy! I told her that I LOVE it. SwampMan gets to have his Snuggy back now, while I cuddle up under my own.

    Glad that you’re feeling better and can enjoy what’s left of the holiday season!

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      kcduffy said,

      See, I never saw the snuggie as a gag either. Duffy loves to sit in his recliner – or on the sofa – with his feet in the pocket of the pillow-blanket I bought in Maryland 5 years ago. A snuggie would work great for him, too. He got books. And replacement flannel pants for the horrid ones he’s been wearing. I think Kaylee’s favorite present was the play doh that has cookie cutters & a rolling pin with it. And the ViewMaster. Play Doh stayed here, ViewMaster went home with her. What fun.

      Mighty tired again today, though, so will be trying to take it as easy as I can. Stay warm, Woman!

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