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Happy New Years!

Yesterday we cleared a fence line, put in some fence posts, watched a couple hours of a House marathon, and went to sleep. Yup, we just livin’ la vida loca here. The battery in my ol’ vehicle decided to go to battery heaven during the prolonged cold snap once I quit making multiple trips to stores of the grocery and department variety. SwampMan’s manifold gasket is leaking radiator fluid into his oil, so he’s going to be changing that out today. We seem to have neither the time nor the cash for “fun” stuff, but we count ourselves among the blessed because somehow we always seem to be able to scrape by. In comparison to many folks here, we’re rich because we have a roof over our heads, food in the freezer, and electricity, something that a lot of folks on unemployment and food stamps here would have taken for granted just a couple years ago.

So, this morning I will toast all y’all with sparkling grape juice and wish y’all a Happy New Year, with the hopes that you have plenty of fun, your health, food, shelter, and a way to more than cover your expenses in the new year.

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