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Shelter Humor

Unfortunately, my daughter tells me this happens all the time. She is the one who has to tell the owners that their dog will be put to sleep because nobody is going to take an old, heartworm positive, unsocialized, untrained mutt.

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If I Would Have Known Putting Up Fences Makes It Rain

….I would’ve done it several months ago. Unfortunately, now it means that I’m outside in a chilly rain fixing fence because if I don’t get it finished today, the neighbor’s Rotty who does not like me AT ALL is going to be eating all my livestock. He’s been out there threatening to eat ME, too, but I believe I can take him.

So if you’re saying to yourself “man, I wish it wouldn’t rain today because I wanted to wash my car” or something like that, just think of me out there attaching wire to my T-posts, having to dig through blackberry briars and fireant beds to get that bottom couple strands attached. My hands are swollen up to about twice normal size! Luckily (or not, depending on how you look at it), I’ve borrowed a friend’s leftover pain medication (I know, I ain’t s’posed to do dat, but the fence was in REALLY bad shape) so that the pain from my feet and knees doesn’t keep me from finishing the job. I barely even feel the briar rips and ant bites! Then there’s the pissed off Rottweiler who thinks that fence is HIS, not mine. He even peed on it in several places to make his ownership perfectly clear. Ha! He doesn’t know about the pain medicine. The hardest part was at the bottom where the woven wire has tiny little squares (and the ant beds and briars, of course). Hard to get a pair of pliers to go through those little holes (and my hands, by this time, were having problems going through as well). At the top, I used a small nut driver to tighten up the fence clips, much like this tool does but, unfortunately, the nut driver didn’t work at all on the bottom. Back to pliers! I bet it would really bother the arthritis in my hands if I could feel it.

Update: SwampMan bought me the tool in the link above because he says he’s tired of having his nut drivers ruined (or lost in the briars), and I’ve got a lot more fence to replace around the perimeter. I’m going to wait until we get more rain, though. It took me about two hours to get a post hole just 3 feet deep to drop a telephone pole section in to use as an end post. Sheesh. It was like tryin’ to dig through concrete. Then hammering in the T-posts took me the whole rest of the day for just one teensy little section behind the neighbors’ house! We tried to put ’em in with the tractor, but the ground was so hard it was bending them, and those heavy duty T-posts ain’t exactly cheap.

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