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Tarp for the Price of Chicken Scratch

Scratch feed, that is, and whole corn.

Here’s the deal: Rain was supposed to arrive this morning. The weather forecast said it would be warm (68 degrees!) but I had my doubts. As it turned out, I was right. It was a cold, cold rain throughout the day.

Some of our chickens are in portable chicken pens that look sort of like conestoga wagons but that are covered with welded wire and shade cloth. This isn’t a very weather proof combination. I usually cover with a tarp when bad weather is expected but our last bad weather detached the tarp and sent it sailing off into the woods. Oops. Late yesterday afternoon after the grandsons left for the evening, I realized that I had nothing to cover one of the pens with. I did have lots of plastic woven feed bags that had previously held scratch feed and corn. I cut the stitching at the end and was left wtih a tube, which I cut open down the side. I did the same thing to another bag, rolled the edges together, and fastened them together with hog nose rings. I continued until I had a tarp the size I needed. It worked well for me, and the price (free!) was right.

The chickens appeared dry and happy this evening. I, on the other hand, was neither dry nor happy.

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100 Flavors of Soda at Firehouse Subs

Always wanted your own custom soda flavor? Go to Firehouse Subs in Jacksonville! Hmmmmm. Wonder if I can get a chocolate Sprite?

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