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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on Illegal Drug Use

I was at a free health clinic event that included cancer screening today put on by the county health clinic. In order to participate, the screenees had to fill out a questionnaire with their name, address, and answers to several questions, such as the number of alcoholic beverages they consumed in a week, types of tobacco use, and all the types of recreational drugs they took. The preponderance of people at the screening were county employees, who were highly urged to attend, along with some members of the public as well.

As usual, I was my opinionated self, and said to the room at large that anybody that filled that questionnaire out truthfully and put their real name on it was a complete fool unless they were complete teetotalers and that was coming from somebody that didn’t smoke, drink, chew, or abuse illegal drugs. I don’t think that the questionnaire was subject to the privacy of medical records which themselves will no longer be private soon.

Paranoia on my part? Maybe not:

WASHINGTON — If someone admits to a federal official that he’s used illegal drugs, that information should be sent to the FBI so that person can be disqualified from purchasing a gun, Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday.

Apparently Obama would be disqualified from purchasing a gun per Chuck Shumer since he’s already admitted illegal drug use.

Hmmmm. Maybe not such a bad idea at that.

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