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Bald Eagle Sighting

SwampMan was driving down A1A, me riding shotgun, when our attention was drawn to a smashed up large dead critter on the side of the road and a large bird on the ground speculatively eyeballing it from a safe distance.

SwampMan did a double take. “Holy shit! That’s a bald eagle!”

“Yep. A mature eagle at that.” It was in full adult plumage of white head and white tail.

“I’ve never seen one around here before!” The location was between Callahan and about a mile before I95. He turned around and went back to make sure Bald Eagle was okay because he was sure it must be wounded/injured. Why else would it be hanging around near Yulee? How he intended to transport that bigass bird if it WAS indeed wounded/injured, I have no idea, but something tells me that I would figure heavily into the catching and carrying part, because he would have to drive.

We turned around and Big Bird was still there. SwampMan slowed and Bald Eagle took to the air, swooping across the road to light on a fence post, then flapping up into the misting sky.

“I still think it was hurt!” SwampMan said.

I was just glad that I wasn’t going to have to catch and carry a pissed off Bald Eagle to the vet.

I checked the internet, and there are nine bald eagle nests within 20 miles of Yulee. Maybe there will be more and more bald eagle sightings in the area!

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