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Weekend Plans Often Go Awry….

I love my grandchildren to pieces. While Mommy of grandsons has been working weekends through January, grandsons have been here. I won’t say it is hard to clean house over the weekend while grandsons are present. Nope. Not hard at all! I’ll say it is more like IMPOSSIBLE, particularly when a little guy is twinkling up at me saying “but my shoes weren’t dirty, MeeMaw!”, while I’m looking at a trail of mud across the carpet. How does cereal jump from the bowl directly to the floor and get tracked throughout the house in the time it takes me to put the milk back into the refrigerator? How do toys that are supposed to be in the living room end up directly behind me when I’m at the stove or the dishwasher so that I turn around and fall over them? I STILL haven’t gotten all the toys picked up from last weekend!

I was kinda guiltily looking forward to the child-free weekend coming up. I could sleep! I could maybe (gasp!) clean the house! I could, oh, I dunno, do something crazy like go grocery shopping or watch a show that doesn’t have SpongeBob (aaaaaargh!) on it. I could do something that I wanted to do, and go places that I wanted to go! (Okay, fine, that’s crazy talk. I’d be riding along to wherever SwampMan wanted to go on his errands, but still. Whenever I want to go somewhere, he complains that he doesn’t want to go, even though he wasn’t invited, then insists on driving me, grumping the entire time. I tell him to stay his grumpy ass at home, but he worries that I’ll break down or something and would have nobody to berate, I suppose.)

I could go visit my mom, a visit that is long overdue. The delay in visiting Mom has to do with her leukemia, my stepdad’s end-stage COPD, and my exposure to all SORTS of little germ factories throughout the week, and I absolutely cannot bring kids along unless they are not afflicted with so much as a sniffle.

Darling little granddaughter, however, has been feeling a bit left out. Got a phone call this evening that her parents are going out of town this weekend, but she didn’t want to go and wanted to spend the weekend with me instead. So (grin), that’s what will happen. After work tomorrow, I’ll come home and pick up granddaughter from her maternal grandmother, and our weekend shall begin!

While I know Mom would enjoy a Girl’s Day Out, I’m hacking and coughing after having been coughed and snotted on all week at school, and granddaughter has a sinus infection, so no visit this weekend for Mom.

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