My Hair Hurts

My hair hurts, my eyes hurt, my gums hurt, my throat hurts…..I spent last night quite wakefully, waking up alternately freezing and sweating. We took the granddaughter to a Mexican restaurant for tacos Friday night (her favorite food fetish), and the owner was laughing at my lack of voice and started gesticulating at me in faux sign language. Heh. Well, at least I didn’t lose my sense of humor!

As soon as Papa went to bed, granddaughter was all excited. “Let’s MAKE something, Grammaw!” She wanted to spin, or weave, bake, paint…….she wants to create when she’s at Grammaw’s house because if there’s one thing Grammaw encourages, it is creativity! Some of the questions that she had when she was teeny were things like “What do brownies taste like in a pie shell?” Let’s find out! “What do different colors make when mixed together?” Let’s take out the paints and see! “Is there Buried Treasure in your yard?” Hmmmmmm. Better get a shovel and see! “How about dinosaur bones?” Hmmmmm. Shovel time!

As she gets older, her creative projects are getting much more difficult (and fun). Grammaw is going to have to scramble to keep up. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like scrambling. I felt more like vegetating. Or maybe dying. My eyes kept closing of their own accord while she was talking. I turned on the television for the poor child and went to sleep.

The next day, I still didn’t feel so much as a creative nerve twitch. I had planned to paint and paper the bathroom to teach her some paint finishes but noooooo. Instead, I gave her a grooming brush and turned her loose on Breeze the appaloosa mare. Breeze was in heaven, turning her body this way and that so that every inch the granddaughter could reach was brushed thoroughly. She put her head down all the way to the ground so that granddaughter could brush her head and neck.

Then I had Papa put granddaughter up on Breeze’s back with no saddle, a great way to let the younguns learn how to balance themselves on a horse. I explained about turning her toes in and gripping with her thighs, and holding on to Breeze’s mane until she got her balance. Breeze walked very slowly and carefully, then at a little brisker pace as granddaughter felt more confidence. At the end of the first “lesson”, she was doing exercises per my instruction on horseback as those shown on YouTube below, but without saddle.

At the end of her first riding lesson (sadly much overdue!), she informed me that both her daddy AND her momma had forbidden her to ever attempt to ride Breeze because that horse was waaaaaaaay too wild. Heh. Guess that’s why she had always previously refused because she’s mostly an obedient little girl. Well, neither of them had told ME such a thing, and granddaughter waited until the END of the lesson to enlighten me, so I suppose she really wanted to ride.

Maybe her time here this weekend wasn’t too boring after all.

After a solid 12 hours of sleep and ingesting some ramen noodles, I feel almost human again, though still mute. Gonna be hard to read books to the children at school tomorrow!

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    You are a terrific Grammaw. I’d say she agreed to ride this time because she had gotten over any fear or nervousness by doing all that grooming first and having Breeze respond so positively.

    Not just ‘not too boring’ – I’d say this weekend was TOPS! Well, woulda been for me, anyway.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Ugh. I’ve been supposed to keep my feet elevated during the weekends when the boys were here, and danged if I didn’t come down sick on top of THAT when the granddaughter was here. I don’t feel like much fun at ALL here lately! And danged if another weekend didn’t go by where I wasn’t able to get the house all clean and tidy.

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