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Sad Little Boys

Mommy called when she got off work Saturday afternoon.

“I’m off, but I don’t know what to do. I’m soooooo tired, and I just want to go home and go to sleep! I’m just exhausted, and I can barely walk. I guess it’s because the baby dropped.”

I told Mommy in no uncertain terms that I thought that she really needed to go home and get some rest. She’s at 35 weeks, and looks full term and ready to deliver. If she came here, overjoyed little boys would be bouncing off her like a trampoline, plus she might not get much sleep if the youngest were to be wakeful or have to go potty a couple times in the night. She felt bad about it but really wanted to get some sleep.

I went out to tell the boys who were out with SwampMan, but SwampMan yelled to me as soon as I walked outside that they were all going out for ice cream and if I wanted any, I better jump in the truck PDQ. I briefly considered my diet, then mentally shrugged and decided ice cream calories do not count if somebody else is buying.

By the time we reached the McDonald’s drive through, Dylan was fast asleep. Jacob started eating his ice cream, and then asked if Mommy would be home by the time we got there. Ooops. I had to break the sad news that Mommy wasn’t feeling well, and went home instead.

“You mean Mommy was just trickin’ us when she said that she was coming? That wasn’t very nice.”

“No, honey, Mommy really did mean to come, but she isn’t feeling good. She’ll be here earlier tomorrow.” He sniffled a little because he loves and misses his Mommy so much, but manfully pulled himself together and ate his ice cream.

When we got home, I carried little Dylan into the house. He was still *very* tired and cranky. “Where’s Mommy? When will she get here?”

Oh, snap. He was asleep for the news.

“Mommy went home instead of coming here because she didn’t feel good and wanted to go home and go to sleep.”

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I want my MOMMY!”

*sigh* In his tired and cranky state, he had the potential to go into a prolonged crying spell. In my tired and cranky state, I didn’t want to hear it!

“Dylan, you are going to have to dry that up right now. It is not Mommy’s fault that she’s sick!”

“But I WANT her!” wailed Dylan.

“You want Mommy to barf on you?”

Shocked look. “Mommy doesn’t barf on me!”

“She might! Mommy is sick, so she needs to go home and go to bed.”

I had to cuddle him on my lap for awhile, but he eventually went to sleep.


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Grouchy Conservative Pundits Appears to be Down Again

Wasn’t able to access between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST on January 15. Could be a problem on my end, I suppose.

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Thursday Night Mashup For Those Depressed About Going to Work on Friday

Of course, being an equal opportunity website, here’s the bipolar version for those who cannot decide whether they’re all happy and bouncing about in anticipation that the weekend is approaching, or depressed about work. (Never mind me. I got punched in the nose (again) today at work. So much for my calm demeanor settling down unstable children!)

Oh, wait…..THREE DAY WEEKEND? Yeeeehaw!

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Financial Sequelae of Prolonged Cold Snap

My former DIL called me to tell me how shocked she was over her power bill (it was over $400). It has been so much colder than normal, and she has small children recently sick with the flu, so the heat is on 24/7. An air to air heat pump just doesn’t work that efficiently when the weather turns so cold! She thought she had it bad but her sister’s power bill is $600. They aren’t sure how the bills will get paid due to employment issues.

I don’t think ours will be that high…at least, I hope not! We’ve only been turning on the heat when we arrive home and then turn off the heat when it is time to go to bed, something that parents with little ones can’t do.

Are y’all’s power bills under control?

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Tarp for the Price of Chicken Scratch

Scratch feed, that is, and whole corn.

Here’s the deal: Rain was supposed to arrive this morning. The weather forecast said it would be warm (68 degrees!) but I had my doubts. As it turned out, I was right. It was a cold, cold rain throughout the day.

Some of our chickens are in portable chicken pens that look sort of like conestoga wagons but that are covered with welded wire and shade cloth. This isn’t a very weather proof combination. I usually cover with a tarp when bad weather is expected but our last bad weather detached the tarp and sent it sailing off into the woods. Oops. Late yesterday afternoon after the grandsons left for the evening, I realized that I had nothing to cover one of the pens with. I did have lots of plastic woven feed bags that had previously held scratch feed and corn. I cut the stitching at the end and was left wtih a tube, which I cut open down the side. I did the same thing to another bag, rolled the edges together, and fastened them together with hog nose rings. I continued until I had a tarp the size I needed. It worked well for me, and the price (free!) was right.

The chickens appeared dry and happy this evening. I, on the other hand, was neither dry nor happy.

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100 Flavors of Soda at Firehouse Subs

Always wanted your own custom soda flavor? Go to Firehouse Subs in Jacksonville! Hmmmmm. Wonder if I can get a chocolate Sprite?

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Tucson Shooting

Jared Lee Loughner decided to kill as many people as possible Saturday at a supermarket where Congresswoman Giffords was holding an event. The people at the event overpowered and subdued him, preventing him from committing even more mayhem that he had planned. Once his name was known, a number of people were able to access his online accounts and read the rambling accounts of a very disturbed individual.

We do not know why this person chose to target this particular Congresswoman. The more lefty liberal Democrats (and many of the media) reflexively and publicly blamed Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the military, and Fox News, as though he were some kind of fiscally conservative crazy. They sounded as delusional as the killer! I’m waiting for it to somehow all be Bush’s fault. No doubt Nancy Pelosi is working on that right now.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims and the victims themselves. People that spend a lot of time in the public eye, whether they are elected officials or corporate representatives, know that the risk exists of drawing the attention and ire of the crazy element in society. People going to the grocery store to see their Congresswoman probably wouldn’t think of such a thing.

I’ll be curious to see what the fallout for this will be in terms of personal freedom. Will politicians or, indeed, any individual or organization that holds a public event be forced to provide security? Will people that wish to go meet their representative be subjected to a full body search, much like the people that are assumed to be potential criminals because they wish to board an aircraft?

On a personal note, as a person who works with the violent element in public schools, I despair about what is going to happen to these children. Sometimes they’re second and third generation batshit crazy (my diagnosis). When disturbed kids are finished with years of assaulting their teachers and other students in the public school system and age out, what happens to them? When their caretakers are no longer able to care for them, what happens to them? Institutions for the mentally ill have been closed down and jail has taken its place.

His teachers and classmates are probably shaking their heads and saying “We all knew this was coming someday, but there was nothing at all we could do about it”.

What the Democrats (aka “the party in power”) should be doing instead of reflexively blaming Sarah Palin (when it was one of their own that did the shooting) is take a hard look at why there isn’t an effective treatment method/place for the dangerously mentally ill in this country.

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