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Getting Ready for Zoe Elizabeth!

I’m running around this weekend getting things ready for Zoe Elizabeth’s arrival. Okay, not so much for her arrival, but for the arrival of Dylan and Jacob at my house Wednesday afternoon. They will be very sad because Mommy will be in the hospital and they are not going to be able to see her until Friday afternoon visitor hours so that Mommy can get some much-needed rest.

Jacob will be going home to stay with Mommy Sunday afternoon or evening so that he can go to school Monday. I think I’ll keep Dylan for a few more days until Mommy’s guts won’t fall out if Dylan jumps on her (grin). There will be great weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, no doubt, because BROTHER gets to stay with Mommy and Zoe and Dylan does NOT.

I better head for Walmart to buy some really enticing toys (grin). Any suggestions? Maybe I’ll just let them play with SwampMan’s power tools (just kidding, Mommy).


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