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Zoe Elizabeth is Here!

Son-in-law called. Mommy and baby are doing well, and Zoe weighs 8 lbs. exactly. I called SwampMan to inform him, and after ascertaining that Mommy and baby were doing well, he asked what color her hair was. Ooops. I was so excited about the baby and mommy doing well that I forgot to ask which is totally unlike me. *Thinking about this unconscionable dereliction of duty–could it be that in the great scheme of things, hair color is of no significance whatsoever? Or could it be that between lack of sleep, fulfilling multiple breakfast requests and singing the SpongeBob Squarepants song loudly and dancing around the kitchen, my brain has been affected? Or was my brain already affected, hence the singing the SpongeBob Squarepants song and dancing around the kitchen in my pajamas?* I shrugged it off. Son in law never thought to mention it, either. Maybe the baby doesn’t have any hair.

I called my mom to give her the good news! She mentioned that little Zoe wasn’t so little, and asked if she had thick black hair like the boys did. *sigh* I really need to get the details for when I’m talking to my family.

Then the former daughter in law called for an update. “So, does she have black hair?”


Okay, dark hair, tan skin, looks just like her brothers, only tinier, of course. Broad shoulders. Mommy said sadly that none of the frilly cute newborn clothes she has are going to fit. Mommy has spent the morning and afternoon so far puking. Not a way I’d want to spend my time after a c-section!


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First Lamb of the Season Beat the New Granddaughter’s Arrival

After picking up the grandsons and bringing them home and feeding them, then waiting for Mommy to call to wish them goodnight (Mommy was making use of her last free evening for a LONG time to go out to eat at a nice restaurant with Daddy), then waiting for grandsons to fall asleep, I went out to check the sheep as I hadn’t locked them in the sheep area yet. They were all in their barn anyway due to the rain, but I thought I’d just check and shut the gate.

An anxious mom was following a little lamb tottering about the barn. I checked her bag to make sure she had an adequate milk supply, then checked whether the placenta had been passed (it had). A big ram lamb. Unfortunately, it is going to alternate between raining lightly or pouring down throughout the night and a lamb won’t last long if he wanders out of the barn and gets chilled, particularly with so many sheep around, and he may get confused as to which one has the faucets with the milk. Usually the sheep will all clear out leaving the ewe and lamb(s) in private but on a chilly rainy night, no way.

Mommy will hopefully be getting her C-section at 7:30 a.m. depending on whether or not her doc has any emergencies that morning. I hope she’s sleeping soundly. I probably won’t be able to sleep because of my anxiety about her, the new baby, and whether the lamb is okay in the rain!

Dylan, the 3-year-old grandson, has developed new nightmares. He used to be scared of bears in the night that were lurking in trees outside his window. Now he’s scared werewolves will get him. I do not know where the werewolf fear came from. It certainly wasn’t from anything that I let him watch! Last night, before he went to sleep, Mommy said he drew purple and blue marks all over his face so that if werewolves see him while he’s sleeping, they will be afraid of him.

Meemaw unaccountably does not have any markers within reach of a 3-year-old child. Can you imagine that? Being a child that quickly adapts to adversity, however, he took the stickers that were supposed to go on his Happy Meal* truck and applied them to his face. I assured him that if I were a werewolf, I would be scared to show my face because he looked so very scary (okay, he looked very cute). And if any werewolves make it past Puppy, who has very big teeth, I would get my shotgun down and shoot them dead because I don’t want any werewolves pooping on my carpet or my porch. I would turn that werewolf into a rug, and we would wipe our feet on him every time we went into the house.

The idea of a werewolf pooping on the porch or, horrors, the carpet and then having to face Meemaw’s wrath evidently reassured him as he almost immediately fell asleep peacefully beside his brother like a little angel.

Hmmmmm. If he wakes up while I’m outside checking on the welfare of the lamb, do you suppose he’ll think a werewolf got me? I reckon I could tell him I was hunting werewolves to make a rug but just couldn’t find any.

3 a.m. update: The rain is really coming down now. I had a winter jacket on over the top of my raincoat, and winter jacket was soaked through. Threw both of ’em in the dryer when I got in. Ducks were swimming on the sidewalk when I went out. I had to climb the fence into the barn because the water was just too deep at the gate. Lamb was tucked up against mom’s chest and under her neck, keeping him toasty warm and dry. The other sheep are giving her as much room as possible given the wet and crowded conditions, so I’m not going to worry at all about them anymore.

Aaaaargh! Here it is 8:30 a.m. and I haven’t heard anything yet. Mommy said that they can’t use their cell phones in recovery, and we may not hear anything until they get into a room. My yard is under water and I need to go check the lamb, but I’m afraid they’ll call as soon as I step outside!

*Mommy got to eat at a nice restaurant. We got McDonald’s because that is what grandsons really wanted. I had only one meal today because there’s a bug going around at work that involves projectile vomiting, and my stomach ain’t really feeling happy.

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