Visiting New Sister

When we took Jacob in to view Dylan for the very first time, Jacob wouldn’t even look at baby Dylan OR Mommy. It took him a little while at home to actually even look at the baby. We think it was because he was (and is) such an empathetic, sensitive child and was worried about his mommy’s pain.

Dylan doesn’t have a sensitive bone in his body that we’ve noticed. We were therefore surprised when Dylan (and Jacob) at first refused to get anywhere near mommy or baby. Jacob again was worried about hurting mommy. Dylan, not so much, but he was somewhat in awe of the little blanketed interloper.

Both boys approached Mommy and Daddy when the blanketed interloper Zoe was handed off to Papa. They talked while I took photos of Papa and Zoe which I will download if I can find the camera cable. What in the world? How could it just disappear? Ha! Found it!

Papa said he needed pictures of the brothers, too. He told Dylan that he’d give him a dollar if he would come stand beside him while I took their picture. Dylan counteroffered with “how about $2.00?” Papa agreed with the $2.00 price and Dylan stood beside Papa but didn’t look real happy about it. Jacob said he would like to have $2.00, too, so he came over and got in the picture. Then Papa offered Dylan $3.00 if he’d actually touch the baby. NO WAY! Jacob took the challenge and touched Zoe’s foot and counted her toes while Dylan ran off in disgust.

Jacob took some good photos of Mommy, Daddy, and Zoe. Dylan decided to take some pictures, too, which mostly consist of Mommy’s chest and braid, unaccountably missing Zoe completely. Daddy’s picture, too, was of his neck and chest.

When we were gone, of course, another ewe decided to lamb and had some difficulties. Dead lamb. I fed the ewes before I left, and none of them showed any reluctance to feed or any signs of impending labor, damnit. Rather than remove the lamb and have the mother dashing around the barn in the pitch black calling frantically for her dead lamb, I’ll leave it with Mom. By morning, she may have accepted the fact that the lamb is dead and be ready for me to remove the body. NOT a good start to the lambing season. I’ve been forcing myself to keep awake in case there might be a twin, but she won’t let me near her.


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