Where’s Zoe’s Weenie?

Mommy was bathing Zoe while Dylan watched, fascinated, as I was cooking.

“What’s wrong with Zoe’s weenie?”

“That’s not a weenie. That’s her belly button!”

“Well…where is her weenie?”

“She doesn’t have a weenie. She’s a girl. Girls don’t have weenies.”

“Mommy, EVERYBODY has a weenie!”

“Okay, then where is it?” Mommy challenged.

“Is it inside her?” asked Dylan.

Mommy knew when to admit defeat. “Yes.”

“Is your weenie on the inside, Mommy?”

I was snickering in the kitchen, glad that I didn’t have to answer any of those questions. I wasn’t going to be completely left out of the conversation, though, however much I may have wanted to be.

“Meemaw! Do you know where Zoe’s weenie is?”

I could not help myself, particularly when it sounded like the weenie was wandering off getting into the cookie jar, so I replied. “No, precious, where is it?”

“It’s inside her butt!”

Oh, if only I would have had a camera ready to take a picture of Mommy’s face when he said that!


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