Now I’ve Got Sassy Hair.

I went in to my former sister-in-law’s salon to get a haircut. She took my glasses as I leaned back into the shampoo basin and asked “What in the WORLD did you do to your nose?”

*sigh* I explained that I did not do anything to my nose. My poor nose was just an innocent bystander.

“You’ve really GOT to get another job!

I mentioned that I was considering it because every year the kids were going to be stronger and faster while I’d be older and slower. It may be time to hang up the boxing gloves (so to speak). I would need a hair style that would look good with absolutely no care whatsoever but that I could dress up if I needed to for an interview.

“Okay. So how much care are we talking about here? Do you blow dry your hair?”

“Yeah, I hang my head out the window in the morning on my way to work and blow dry it then.”

I don’t think she understand that when I said “no care”, I meant that shampoo was about the extent of my morning hair care system.

She cut my hair, then told me my hair was “sassy”. “Sassy”??? What does THAT mean? She asked my next door neighbor in the adjoining chair if she liked my cut.

“Ohmygawd! It’s SOOOOO sassy!”

Somehow I don’t think “sassy” means the same thing as competent and deserving of a large salary and expense account. Oooooh, ooooooh, and a new 4WD company truck and gas credit card! For that, I’d probably have to use the blow dryer AND the curling iron.


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    no2liberals said,

    Does that mean you will be sarcastic and witty?
    /heaven help us

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