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Curling Iron Blues

I purchased a curling iron (yes, I really did) in order to experiment with hair styles for my new hair. The last time I’d gotten a curling iron was long ago when the kids were tiny and and they’ve (curling irons) changed. There are all sorts of options now!

It would probably be quicker for me to randomly superglue locks of brightly-colored sheep wool to my head. Maybe I should do a video. (Checking YouTube to see if it has been done already.) Holy SHIT! Wool dreads is (are?) an actual industry?! Where the hell have I been? I need to dye some wool and experiment.

Ahem. Back to the subject. I looked at curling irons with ceramic barrels and multiple barrels but, in the end, I said “screw it, I’m goin’ for cheap” and got the plain ol’ steel barrel model. Then I read the instructions. “DO NOT USE WHILE SLEEPING”. WTF? I could only WISH that I could multitask that well. “Curling iron is hot while in use. Do not touch eyes and skin with hot iron.” Yep, I’ll refrain from trying to curl my eyelashes with that sucker.

Ah, well, the yard needs cleaning of all the debris that Puppy has found, chewed, and strewn in the past week, plus the live oaks have decided to ditch all their leaves in preparation for the new leaves of spring. Burning my eyeballs with the curling iron will just have to wait for when I’m sleeping while curling my hair.

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