Do News People Know How Stupid They Sound Freaking Out About Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants?

You would think that they would educate themselves. Here, news people, read this to see why it isn’t a big deal. We’re not all going to DIEEEEEEEE! I kinda wish y’all news readers would, just so your stupidity wouldn’t hurt my ears anymore. Here’s another one.

Yes, people, the banana you ate for breakfast or a snack probably had more radiation in it than what’s been released from the nuclear plants. If you live in a block or brick house, have cement floors, have granite countertops, have marble in your house somewhere, guess what? Radiation! If you eat peanut butter, yep, you guessed it. Some ceramic glazes are more radioactive than others. Wuh oh.

I’d appreciate it if everybody would get a grip and leave my A/C the hell alone. Thank you. Yes, I would rather live next to a nuclear power plant than a coal-fired generating station (which releases more radiation than a nuclear plant). I’d also rather live next to a nuclear plant than a gas-fired generating station. Bees have killed more people in the last 40 years than nuclear power plant accidents. Cows have killed more people. Hogs have killed more people. DOGS have killed WAAAY more people. I don’t hear things like “OHMYGAWD, it’s a DOG! Keep it away! It’s a KILLER!” The modern plants are a lot safer than the old ones (which were…safe). Thorium plants are absolutely safe.

People really need to learn how to research risks and evaluate them properly.

Radioactivity Measurements on Glazed Ceramic Surfaces

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  1. 2

    no2liberals said,

    They are just laying the propaganda foundation to kill any talk of building nukular plants in the U.S.
    The news readers also seem to wish for a Chernobyl event. Lots of carnage means lots of ratings.
    One bad thing for Japan in this, the plants they are having trouble with are 40 years old AND they will never be used again, not after all the sea water and boric acid they are dumping in them.

  2. 3

    swampie said,

    Well, they were going to be decomissioned anyway……they’re going to be screwed for awhile with electricity, though.

    • 4

      no2liberals said,

      Those poor folks are so royally screwed already.
      I don’t think hardly any of them fully realize how bad things are or are going to get and that’s without the reactor problems.
      Their national debt is 200% of their GDP…200%. They’ve been doing since the 90’s what this current administration has been doing for the past two years. When they need the capital to rebuild, I don’t know who will loan it to them, or what the terms would be if they do find someone.(*cough*China*cough*)
      As for reactors in the U.S., there are so many areas/regions that aren’t prone to seismic activity or tidal waves, there really is no reason why we shouldn’t be building the newer types that the French use. Waste is a problem, but solvable.

      • 5

        swampie said,

        *sigh* Yeah. Their insurance companies, for example, are going to be going TU.

      • 6

        no2liberals said,

        TU and taking on water.
        Here is a sobering thought. What if Japan decides to cash in their nearly $900billion in U.S. treasury bonds to pay for their reconstruction?
        We don’t have it and would have to print it.

      • 7

        swampie said,

        I think the Fed is who has been buying treasuries at the auctions anyway.

  3. 8

    kae said,

    Every half hour news break it’s announced there’s been “another explosion” at the Fukuthingamybob power station… that’s about 48 plus so far in the past 24 hours.

    Tomorrow one of the free to air TV stations is showing a news special on how to soothe your children as all these “disaster after disaster”s have made the children think that the world is ending… Gee, thanks MSM – why do you think that kids might be led to believe that the end of the world is nigh?


  4. 11

    swampie said,

    Well, it was the one that was shut down in November, #4, right? If that’s the case, nothin’ there they could do anyway except keep water in the pool.

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