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More Cats!

Daughter’s two huge male cats (one of them weighs 30 lbs.) do not approve of the new arrival. They have been expressing their displeasure by pooping on the floor (new carpeting in the boys’ room) and peeing all over laundry baskets of clean baby clothes. The male cats had to go until the baby gets older or until they learn to appreciate their old digs better after being exposed to the primitive conditions at my house, where they’ll be living outside, (I don’t tolerate poopy carpets or peed in laundry baskets at all, while daughter has been putting up with it for weeks now). Not to mention my cat allergy! No way can I have two big ol’ fat cats like that in the house even if they were perfect gentlemen.

Daughter dropped ’em in the barn (SwampMan’s barn) yesterday while we were at work, but we couldn’t find ’em. Puppy went out tonight with SwampMan and immediately located Hugo’s hiding place (Hugo is the 30 lb. orange cat), but Jaguar, the big black cat, was nowhere to be found.

I’ve just gotten back from the store where I went on an emergency kitty litter buying mission. The livestock feeding is almost done….I was late coming home from work and forgot to pick up hay, so the ewes are bellowing and pissed off. They’ll just have to pick through the hay they’ve wasted and scattered. The frost we had set the pasture growth back yet again. What hay I have left is going to the mare. I got all the feeding done by about 9 p.m., but forgot to bring in feed for the new chicks. Dang. Spring always brings a population explosion.

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