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Friday Night Nostalgia

Okay, maybe not nostalgia so much as Swampman is watching a series of movies that involve either aliens, zombies, mutants, and all include horribly grotesque dying and screaming scenes. Eeeeesh. So I’m going to listen to happy songs instead because I really have enough problems without having to worry about being devoured by the dead. Although why do the dead need to eat? Noooooo, nooooo, TURN UP THE VOLUME! Don’t get sucked into the movie premise!

D’oh. Sony won’t let the fun songs from my era be embedded. Too bad. I’m probably the only one that remembers them! Don’t you just hate that? *sigh* Maybe I can find some old Gershwin tunes….I’m feeling all depressed now. Maybe some blues, too.

Well, can’t watch Black Coffee with Ella Fitzgerald, either. Maybe somebody else….

Okay, can’t watch it (Black Coffee) with Peggy Lee, either. Y’all will have to look it up your ownselves.

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