Potter’s House Lunch Today

I joined daughter and baby Zoe in Jacksonville today for lunch at Potter’s House. Her six-week birthday is tomorrow! For y’all that don’t know, Potter’s House is off Lenox avenue on Jacksonville’s northwest side. Some of her co-workers joined us for lunch to tell her all the latest at work and to hold the baby.

The pastor of the church stopped by our table to admire the baby and welcome us to the restaurant and to make sure everything was good, but I believe our empty plates attested to that!

I had a big ol’ plate full of macaroni and cheese, green beans, a giant roll, and big portions of chicken for $8.99. The cooking is advertised as “soul” food (heh). It is good for the soul! Makes you believe in heaven ‘cuz there must be some angels in the kitchen who don’t believe in calories or cholesterol or diabetes or low-salt diets. Daughter was a lil’ miffed because she’s gained back almost all the weight she lost after Zoe was born (being home and able to cook lots of delicious foods and cakes and pies will do this to a person), so this was her last hurrah before dieting for real sets in. She has to be back to work in two weeks and her clothes don’t fit!

It should be my last hurrah, too, before doing some fairly severe dietary restrictions. I don’t think Swampman would be very happy, though, if he came into the house yelling “what’s fer supper?”, and I handed him a bag of Brussels sprouts and a boiled egg.

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