Son Has HIS Garden In….

Son has been working 12/7s on a shutdown and today was his first day off in two months, I believe. He’s pretty proud of his garden filled with lima beans and okra, corn and various field peas (crowder peas, blackeyed peas, etc.), tomatoes and squash and a few other things. He had a security light placed out there so that he can garden and start seeds when he gets back home at night.

I feel pretty crappy about my poor garden (grin). Somehow other things kept coming up when it was time for me to work in the garden. Things like two dozen sheep, a horse, a shitload of adult ducks and chickens, 19 lil’ chicks, 8 ducklings, two dogs, 3 cats, etc.

I asked him what he was going to do with all his produce, just out of curiousity. He told me he was going to freeze it and can it. He doesn’t think things are going to get any better economically and wants to have lots of food stored up for winter and/or hard times.

This is a refrain that I keep hearing around town. Sometimes at the feed store where the newly hatched chicks come in and are sold out the same day. Sometimes at the town grocery store whose sales items were all sold out by the time I got there this evening. At school in the faculty lunchroom. At restaurants overhearing conversations at adjacent tables.

I hope this means that things are actually getting better since the popular consensus is that the country is going to shit.

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