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This has not been a good year decade for me financially, though I have been blessed in other ways. I have a wonderful husband. The kids and grandkids are all fine and in good health. I still have one surviving rosebush that the sheep haven’t broken out and eaten (yet). So maybe I shouldn’t complain too much.

HOWEVER, this morning rambouillet ewe had her first lambs, a set of male twins. Lovely lambs. Little sale lambs that will help me afford things like feed and hay and property taxes. She was taking good care of them, so I went on my way and left her alone for about an hour while I was taking care of other chores.

Then it intruded on my conscious that she was calling, calling, calling her lambs. I let the other sheep out to pasture and went to see what was wrong. I quickly found one lamb that was taking a nap and ignoring mommy, but couldn’t find the other for awhile….until mommy led me to it behind a gate. It had apparently gotten separated from mommy, maybe following another lamb or ewe, and had gotten behind a gate and had tried to go through the fence and gotten tangled very badly in the fence wire and hung itself. AAAAAARGH! I checked his mouth, and it was still hot. I checked the heart and it was stopped. I tried chest compressions and respirations, but he was gone.

There are some times you just gotta throw up your hands and say screw it. I’m losing money AGAIN this year.

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Somebody Needs to Make a Pill For That

I got off the phone with a friend that was just beside herself that her young daughter was putting up with a verbally and financially abusive second husband, a young man with a rap sheet longer than most criminals with a 20-year crime record, after having been abused in her first marriage which ended when THAT husband was put into prison. She was very worried about the safety of the children and hoped that his (second husband’s) latest probation violation would put him in prison for 20 years. *sigh* Her daughter is a lovely young woman. She takes good care of her children. She works hard. Why in the world would she accept being treated so badly?

Then my friend told me about the latest between herself and her boyfriend. He treats her badly, just as badly as her previous husband had treated her. I’d been begging her to leave that husband for years, but then she jumped into a relationship that was just as bad as the one that she left. My friend works hard. She took good care of her children. Why in the world would she accept being treated so badly?

I know that my friend’s mother before her had had a series of husbands who treated her badly. *sigh* Could it be that if somebody isn’t abusive, they don’t feel like they are loved? I think that whenever they get into a situation where they are subjected to abuse, it feels familiar, like home. So, mothlike, they circle around that flame and singe themselves over and over, never leaving the circle of flame to find out that there are other, safer, but perhaps less exciting relationships out there in the gloom away from the flame.

My friend said that she had just realized that she takes care of herself and doesn’t need a man, so she was going to stay away from ’em. THANK YOU! I hope she means it this time. Those grandbabies are going to need all her help to break the cycle.

It isn’t just women, though, that are making bad relationship choices. A man I know who is a GREAT person has been divorced four times, and he’s fifteen years younger than me! He’s only attracted to batshit crazy, though. Normal women are invisible to him. A bipolar woman off her meds will suck him in like a goose through a jet engine. You’d think that after a couple of times of having his life and finances nearly destroyed, he’d swear off, but nope. He’s still out there chasing the crazy ones.

Somebody ought to make a pill for that.

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