This has not been a good year decade for me financially, though I have been blessed in other ways. I have a wonderful husband. The kids and grandkids are all fine and in good health. I still have one surviving rosebush that the sheep haven’t broken out and eaten (yet). So maybe I shouldn’t complain too much.

HOWEVER, this morning rambouillet ewe had her first lambs, a set of male twins. Lovely lambs. Little sale lambs that will help me afford things like feed and hay and property taxes. She was taking good care of them, so I went on my way and left her alone for about an hour while I was taking care of other chores.

Then it intruded on my conscious that she was calling, calling, calling her lambs. I let the other sheep out to pasture and went to see what was wrong. I quickly found one lamb that was taking a nap and ignoring mommy, but couldn’t find the other for awhile….until mommy led me to it behind a gate. It had apparently gotten separated from mommy, maybe following another lamb or ewe, and had gotten behind a gate and had tried to go through the fence and gotten tangled very badly in the fence wire and hung itself. AAAAAARGH! I checked his mouth, and it was still hot. I checked the heart and it was stopped. I tried chest compressions and respirations, but he was gone.

There are some times you just gotta throw up your hands and say screw it. I’m losing money AGAIN this year.

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