Friday Evening–Must. Eat. Brains.

Dang, I feel like I think a zombie would feel every Friday evening if zombies were actually capable of feeling. Oh, wait. On Friday evening, I’m not actually capable of feeling, either. I’ve got the mindless stare and zombie shuffle down, too. Maybe I AM a zombie. I’d visit the neighbors for the purpose of brain devouring, but I live in Florida. There just ain’t that many brains available. I settled for BBQ chicken with fried okra and tater salad and garlic bread.

Had another lamb born this morning, a lil’ boy. When I got home, he was crying and crying. Mom did NOT want me to catch her and check her for milk, understandably, even though I assured her that I didn’t want to eat sheep brains because it would take too long to get enough to make a meal. I was able to tackle mom (literally) and establish that the waxy plugs in her teats were intact and lambie hadn’t been able to get food ALL DAY. I had to milk her down in order to reduce the size of the nipples so lamb could get his first meal. I don’t have a problem with the female lambs figuring out where the faucets are, just the males! I’ll go out there again shortly and check to see whether mom’s teats are totally engorged again because lamb hasn’t actually figured out where the milk comes from yet despite having drunk heavily at the milk bar earlier. In the meantime, I’ll be shakin’ my zombie booty to “Zombies Can’t Dance”.

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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    They go down with a simple head shot.
    They aren’t very limber, either.

  2. 3 said,


    I have this movie; it’s great. Have you seen it?? I will bring on Easter for you to watch at your leisure. I also have Hot Fuzz which has the same guys and is great also… Will bring both!


    • 4

      swampie said,

      I feel like cold dog turds. There may be no Easter here if the Easter bunny ain’t feelin’ better PDQ!

    • 5

      swampie said,

      Oh, sorry! Yeah, we’ve seen Shaun of the Dead! It’s only one of my favorite all time movies…well, except for The Outlaw Josey Wales. Ooooh, yeah, and Tombstone with Val Kilmer. Oh, and Life of Brian…..

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