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Well, sorta. I had my ass kicked by a virus picked up from a child that was sent to school by a mom that didn’t have any other choice, natch, because she might lose her job if she had to stay home with the sick kid. Grin. There are meetings ongoing with parents, staff is out sick, and science FCAT testing was this week, so I went to school sick, too, generously sharing my virus among staff and kids. Ah, well. It’s my last year there, after all. They can’t say I never gave ’em nothin’!

In the meantime, the last lamb has finally been born. Chicks and ducklings are hatching out so quickly that I’m not capable of keeping up with them. I know that there are new chicks in the stationary chicken house that need to be moved out tonight but danged if I know where I’m gonna put ’em.

Peach pie is in the oven baking for SwampMan tonight, and I still have to run and do the outside chores. Have a good rest of the week, y’all.

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