The End of a Helluva Long Week…

That’s Right You’re Not From Texas

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    no2liberals said,

    Speaking of my home state, yesterday was our 175th Birfday.
    We haven’t stopped partying since.

    While attending David Crockett Elementary School, hardly a day went by that we didn’t sing our Texas Anthem.

    Texas, Our Texas!

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    no2liberals said,

    Alrighty, then.
    I posted yesterday, but because of some extensive changes to my ‘puter and settings, the cookie that allowed posts was blocked.
    What I did was this. A little over a month ago I got a Windows update, after which my ‘puter would freeze up. After much investigating, I discovered that microsoft had installed an extension to my Firefox browser. WTF? Hands off my Firefox, you internet explorer twits. In fact, the extension was malware. So I finally had it, and got off my ample and firm ass and downloaded the Linux Mint operating system I had been planning on doing for months. After I downloaded it, I burned it onto a DVD, then installed it with a partition, so I could have both XP and Mint OSs, if I should want to go back. Well, after more than a month of not ever booting up XP, I removed everything I had stored on the XP side and saved it off site. So, the other day I just wiped the Windows OS out completely and now am 100% Linux Mint. Since Linux doesn’t require all the anti-virus, anti-malware/spyware and all the other crap you need to try and stay safe, it boots up really fast, try 20 seconds. Since Linux is a much safer and more stable OS, there really aren’t many threats, but what few there are require you to be selective on who you allow 3rd party cookies, and off course run the No-Script Firefox add-on, so some one can’t use the back door of java script to install a keystroke program or sumpin’.
    I’m a funny kind of guy. Eleventeen years ago I was still resisting getting a computer, as I knew how I would do and sure enough, I’ve gone from wondering “how do it know” when looking at a mouse, to tearing these things apart, adding RAM, swapping out graphics cards, installing a new OS, with plans on building my next ‘puter from scratch. I went from no ‘puter to three PCs, a laptop and a smartphone in ten years. I knew this would happen if I bought that first one.

    Now, about my home state, Texas. It was Texas’ 175th BerfDay and we are still celebrating.

    Back when I attended David Crockett Elementary School, we sang our State Anthem nearly every day.

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    no2liberals said,

    pimf= Texas’ 175th BerfDay was this past Thursday

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    swampie said,

    Sorry about that. I’m not used to regular posters getting stuck in the spam net and haven’t checked it out like I should!

    Glad to hear that about the Linux OS. I’m NOT sufficiently computer geeky or I would have gotten it long ago due to the problems with the MS malware crap.

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      no2liberals said,

      So that’s what happened!!!
      I thought I was blocking myownself, not getting stuck in the filter with the other dregs of internet goo.

      I got to tell you, it was s000 easy. You just need time, as the download of the OS is free, but takes a while, it is about 900,000MB. That was the worst part, waiting for the download. After it was downloaded, I put a DVD in the tray, told the ‘puter to burn it. Then, turned it off, booted it up while hitting the F12 key when the Dell logo first appeared and then it asks you what you want to do in a very easy to understand walk through tutorial. You can go to the Linux Mint forums and read up on it and have confidence before you start. It really is a much more stable platform and well worth the time, if or when you have it. It took hours to do everything and then set up it up the way I wanted it.
      I hates me some microsoft, yes ma’am I do.

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