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(Sob) No Easter Egg Hunting Here Today, or She Is Risen NEXT Sunday

I was SO looking forward to hiding Easter eggs for the lil’ ones and making the big dinner for after church but my cough has gotten progressively worse, so much so that Mommy was pretty alarmed for the health of the children should they come in contact with me, an alarm that is probably well founded. *sigh* This morning, too, lil’ baby Zoe woke with pinkeye.

So, today there will be no baked ham. No casseroles. No yeast rolls (sniffle). No colored egg hunting. No deviling 60 or so eggs (muffled sobbing). No squeals of delight. Just me hacking and coughing, and SwampMan quietly working in the background. (open weeping and wailing)

On the other hand, Mommy did point out that I could color and hide 60 or more eggs NEXT Sunday! I could cook yeast rolls! I could bake the ham! I can make spinach artichoke casserole! I may even be able to breathe and walk* again!

Hope y’all have a good Easter and remember that He is Risen.

*Had another lil’ incident at school in which teeth were dug into my inner leg just below the calf muscle, right where the inside seam of the jeans (thank the Lord it was jeans Friday) hits. I’m missin’ some skin and flesh, and have a huge bruise. Whenever I take a step, the bite area flexes and weeps anew. Yuck.

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