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Recovery? Not From Where Son is Standing.

Son works for a company that does large industrial projects for both the public and private sectors. Work, while not fantastic, was steady until the prices started really shooting up in the grocery stores and the gas stations due to the dollar devaluations. Upcoming projects have suddenly been cancelled. The company has gone from steady work to no work. They’re laying off almost all their employees this week.

Son is one of those extremely skilled people that are in high demand and, in fact, another company has made him an offer, albeit at a lower rate. His main concern is that this is the extremely busy season for his type of work and layoffs in the spring mean that, by winter, there will be nothing.

Son has a big garden and is planning on freezing and canning a lot of produce this spring, summer, and fall, with a big winter garden as well. He’s cut waaaay back on his expenses–using the bare minimum of electricity by not even turning on the lights until time to go inside, shower, and then go to bed with lights out again. No AC. Cooking outside on the grill. Working in the garden after dark by flashlight. Momma here (grin) is supplying him with some layers and pullets as soon as he gets his pen ready, along with some fryers come fall. He’ll be puttin’ deer in the freezer this fall as well, maybe a wild hog or two, and this has been a bumper year for squirrel.

He’s using the “D” word (depression) now for conditions in his industry.

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