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Pareto Principal in the Sheep Flock

Since I spend a lot of my free time out standing in my field, I have had occasion recently to ponder the Pareto Principal aka the 80/20 rule, in which 80% of my problems will come from 20% of my sheep.

I ponder this as I look at my little weak lamb, hovering between life and death and not making a firm committment in either direction. He’s half the size of a lamb born 2 weeks later, and the little 4 lb. preemie has nearly caught up to him and is much, much more lively. He’s never grown. He’s not eating like he should. I spend most of my time with the sheep worrying over him, trying to coax him to eat, buying expensive supplements for the whole flock in the hope that something will magically make him thrive, and hovering over him at the feed trough in order to make sure that he has room and enough to eat. *sigh* I’ve already spent more time, effort, and money on him than all the other lambs which are all healthy.

I suppose I should stop all my efforts and just let him die.

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Dang, I Hate Mondays

Have you ever just known when you went in to work in the morning that it was going to be a bad day? I just started off slightly bad by sleeping through the alarm and getting up 1/2 an hour late. AAAAAAAACK! Minimal grooming, dressing, then racing around like a maniac slinging feed at everything that was awake and begging at the fence, jumping in the vehicle and stomping on the accelerator to make it to work on time. Yikes. I pledged to drive extra slow on the way home to make up for the burned gas that I couldn’t really afford. No time before I left for breakfast and/or sweet tea. No time to stop for a caffeine fix on the way in (and no money for that, either). After signing in, I found a gift certificate good at one of the fast food eateries for staff appreciation week, as well as an insulated mug in my mailbox. Oooooooh. Just the THING to dump sweet tea in on the way out the door in the morning. Yay! Maybe my day was on the mend! Ooooh, and a package of M&Ms, too. Sweet.

When I got to the classroom, I heard twin screams in the back from other staff members. There was a giant cockroach in the coffee maker. It was in the back of the coffee maker behind the water tube, waggling his antennae (and probably his private parts) at them in sneering defiance. Made me glad I drink tea instead of coffee. Sucker was 3″ long. I dropped my mug with the fast food gift card along with my M&Ms and some paperwork and ran outside to get the kids off the buses.

The kids were not happy to be back at school after a weekend, and some expressed their displeasure by cursing at me, spitting at me, and kicking me in the shins. Breakfast was not much better as they fussed and fought with each other as well as the adults. *sigh*

I keep pretty good order among the sheep at feeding time. The adults eat at one feed trough, the youths at another. They’re pretty polite eaters because I whack the ones that get too aggressive with my shepherd’s crook. They will not let me bring my shepherd’s crook to school. Pity.

By lunch time, I’d sustained several more kicks, pinches, slaps, scratches, and a few minor bites and an attempt at a major bite. Maybe it is all because my attitude could best be described as totally pissed off today. We have five weeks of this school year left, but who’s counting? (ME! ME!)

By the time they got on the school bus, my butt was draggin’. After school duty time! Then back to the classroom after work to get ready for the next day, then time to grab my mug and gift card and go pick up some fast food because I’m broke. Went to the back–my paperwork and candy was there, but the mug and gift card were gone. I suppose somebody passing through for the bathrooms thought it was theirs (or wanted it) and took it with them. Dang. I was hungry (and thirsty!) but broke. Oh, well. I still had my M&Ms. I was walking to the front to sign out when they slipped out of my hands, broke open, and scattered all over the dirt. *sigh* Guess eating anything before supper was not to be.

I got home and tried to find my feed receipt from Saturday. I’d been shorted a bag of feed and wanted to prove I’d paid for it, but it was missing. Great. I’d have to pay another $15 for a sack of feed that I’d already paid $15 for but didn’t get. Damnit. Then I took care of livestock until 10 p.m. while SwampMan cooked chicken wings and a frozen casserole from the store. Now it’s 11 p.m., I still have to iron, wash dishes, take a shower, and head to bed. Something tells me that tomorrow morning will probably turn out poorly, too, since I have an eye swollen shut from an allergic reaction to something, and I’m gonna pop a couple Benadryl before I go to bed!

Tuesday Update:

Monday was so bad that I forgot to click “publish”!

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