Yeah, I’m Losin’ It

After losing a cell phone, accidentally throwing away SwampMan’s supper, and losing some books/magazines last week, I was determined not to lose anything when I went to the grocery store tonight after work. I got dog food, some canned cat food, and, recalling that the cat food bag on the porch was empty, I was going to get cat food when I remembered that I had bought some and it was in the back of the van. Well, good. I’m kinda broke (okay, VERY broke) at the moment, not even able to afford to replace the damn cell phone, so not having to buy cat food was a good thing.

I came home, unloaded the food, then went to son’s house to pick squash, then out to feed. At 10 p.m., it was the cats’ turn for food, and I went back to the van to get out the big bag of cat food that I remembered purchasing and leaving in the back. No cat food. Hunh. Maybe I put it on the porch. Nope. Hunh. Maybe I put it in the garage. Nope. Hunh. Maybe I put it in the house? Nope. Hunh. Maybe in the pantry. Hunh. Maybe in SwampMan’s barn. Hunh. Maybe in one of the outbuildings. Nah.

After thinking about it, I realized that the cat food that I remembered purchasing probably was about three weeks ago, and that was likely the empty bag that was on the porch. I may have unloaded it last week with the feed. Dang. It was also a relief to know that I probably hadn’t lost something else that I couldn’t afford to replace. *sigh*

I’m still trying to figure out if my memory failure of last week was because of lack of sleep (5 hours or less per night), stopping a hormone that helped me to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT because of two bad mammograms (it may be nothing, or maybe I have DCIS, and I have to get another mammogram in a month), or just job stress.

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  1. 1

    JEN said,

    looks like its time to start lookin into nursing homes….. 🙂

  2. 2

    kae said,

    Like you, I find the lucid moments the scariest.

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