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Procrastination Caught Up With Me

I’ve been putting off a lot of household chores because the twin demands of work and livestock care have kept me hoppin’. As a result, my house would probably make a good “after” picture of a home invasion robbery and ransacking, if housebreakers were actually after the things lying about my house. Things like wool in various stages of preparation, laundry that needs either washing, ironing, folding, or putting away, exercise equipment prominently featured so that maybe I’ll fall over it and accidentally get some exercise while trying to regain my balance, stacks of papers that need filing in either a cabinet somewhere or the trash, magazines that need reading that I feel too guilty to discard unread, etc.

I have spent the entire day (so far) trying to put things to rights and have only managed to get the surface stuff done so that if somebody accidentally wandered into the house, they wouldn’t think that they’d entered the realm of a primate house featuring poo-flinging monkeys but instead would conclude that the people that lived here could use some organizational help and a large dumpster. And they would be right.

I certainly hope that your weekend isn’t filled with doing things that you were too busy to do before and now have to get done in order to actually walk through the house.

My weekend:

Your weekend:

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