Have You Ever Wondered How Is That Even POSSIBLE?

I was watching a commercial on television with the sound off for a weight loss product. The before and after pictures were amazing. Before, the woman was ordinary chested and flabby middled. AFTER using the weight loss product, she could probably cut diamonds with her abs and her chest was HUGE and perky, a combination that generally just does not go together in nature, what with the inexorable pull of gravity and all. Not to mention that when one loses FAT CELLS, one loses them from all over, not just the tummy.

Guess they’re trying to sell me the hope that I, too, will have the same magical results as those people in the actual unretouched photos. Snort.

*sigh* The reason that I even mention is that I have to man up and do the hard stuff for weight loss. Sure would be nice if all I had to do was pop a pill and then *poof*, defined abs and perky boobs! Maybe I’ll bake a pie and think about it. It didn’t help at ALL that, for breakfast this morning, I made scrambled eggs with butter and fresh ‘maters and onions and cheese and mixed it with the leftover rice in the fridge that had been cooked with salsa, bell and jalapeno peppers. It was yummy, but it sure blew the low carb diet that I was planning to start today all to hell.


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