Happy Sunday!

I wish I could report that my new spartan diet thing was working out really well, but I can’t. SwampMan woke me early this morning in order to go purchase a new (to him) old tool off of Craigslist before anybody else could snatch it up, so off to town we went! He wouldn’t even let me pause long enough before leaving the house to call daughter and grandchildren who are arriving today for a month’s stay in case they were on their way over! “You can call them on the cell phone on our way to town!”

“But what if they’re already on the way?”

“She probably still has a key.”

Sweet tea and a steak biscuit (with mustard) from Hardees for breakfast, and that was only because I didn’t have any cash on me, and he didn’t have any small bills to pay for the item, so he stopped in order to get some bills changed. He was a little aggravated this morning when I refused to leave the house before showering and washing my hair! I was practically dragged out the door, and I was supposed to have the presence of mind to grab whatever small change I might possess on the way out the door just in case he didn’t have the exact amount to pay for the tool that I didn’t know the price of? A (small) chocolate peanut butter shake from Cold Stone Creamery was purchased for me on the way back to thank me for being such a good sport about loading up equipment when I hadn’t even been able to feed the livestock yet. I may have demanded the small chocolate peanut butter shake. My memory is a little foggy on that point.

If you ain’t in church today, like I ain’t, here’s your Sunday song courtesy of GCP and Powerline Blog:


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