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Second Lunch

Well, we’ve had first lunch (pizza) and now second lunch (peanut butter and honey sandwiches on cinnamon raisin bread). Dylan had first breakfast (hot dog) then second breakfast (cereal and milk). Jacob had first breakfast (cereal and milk), then they both had bananas and fruit juice before first lunch. Hmmmmmm.

When I came in from feeding chickens and ducks and letting the sheep out to graze before the weather turned from “ohmygawd, it’s hot” to “I musta died and gone to hell”, Papa SwampMan informed me that the lil’ pumpkin had wet on him and now we had a wet pumpkin and a wet Papa. I took a look at Papa’s shirt, and had the pleasure of informing him that, while he was undoubtedly wet, the culprit was baby poo. Heh. She did the same thing to me about 5 minutes after I changed her into dry diaper and clean clothes. D’OH!

Which brings me to Mt. Laundry. I’ve been working on reducing Mt. Laundry to a more manageable foothill throughout the day, but then Mommy called to tell me she was bringing home more chickens (wait, what?) and that she forgot to tell me the lil’ Pumpkin barfed all over my blanket last night, and I might want to throw that bad boy in the washer today. Ewwwwwww. Okay, then.

The heat is truly oppressive. I’m starting to lose older hens and the newly hatched chicks.

Wuh oh! The lil’ Pumpkin is awake now, ready for another lunch as well.

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