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Emergency Back Up Dog?

Daughter called today about a Border Collie that needs a foster home while she completes heartworm treatment, then a forever home via adoption. *sigh* I know that she thinks that I need an Emergency Back Up Dog since my beloved companion of so many years, Odie, passed away the weekend before school ended. It will be awhile, I’m afraid, before I can even write about Odie because the wound is still too fresh.

I don’t really have time right now for another dog. I don’t even have space any more. Chickens are in the dog kennels (grin). This new dog will have to be kept quiet and walked on a leash for her potty breaks until she is finished with her heartworm treatment. She will have to be kenneled to make sure that she doesn’t kill chickens and ducks (which she probably will).

Daughter said “I’ll bring her home and you can keep her overnight and see how she works out!” Daughter has lots of enthusiasm and is sure that this dog will be a Good Dog and an asset to our family. Yes, she wants us to adopt her. Oh, dear. Dog is going to be here in about an hour. Where to put her? Uh, no, NOT in the house, thank you.

Hmmmmm. Daughter also thinks that she and I will look good in matching fuschia and hot pink hair. Or is it turquoise and bright red?

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