And They All Go Home

I hadn’t gotten enough groceries for guests Friday night when I had gone to the grocery store. I found out Thursday that Mommy, Dylan, Jacob and Zoe were going to be staying the night Friday instead of going home. Oh, my. What to make for dinner?

I thawed chicken thighs, made some stuffing, threw in some broccoli, garlic, leftover stuff and fresh pineapple, put it in a big glass casserole dish, put the chicken thighs on top, sprinkled freshly chopped garlic, lemons, pineapple, salt and rosemary over the top, and put it in the oven at 375 for an hour and a half.

Unfortunately for me, from a food standpoint, when Mommy got home, she told me that Daddy was coming home Friday night after all, so she was going to pick something up for her and the boys on the way home.

I told SwampMan that dinner was ready. A LOT of dinner. He dug in, and was *very* impressed with the result. “Wow, this stuff is GREAT! Uh, what are the odds that you’ll be able to make it exactly like this again?”

*sigh* I had to tell him that the odds would be overwhelmingly negative since it was something I just pulled together without measuring with the ingredients on hand. He laughed. He gets a lot of one of a kind meals.

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  1. 1

    rb said,

    Are you getting some rain…flooding rain rolling through here every few hours

  2. 3

    kcduffy said,

    Sounds yummy! I am going to write down the ingredients and give the list to Lovely Daughter – she likes to COOK, too!

    Any suggestions for a head of cauliflower I got a real deal on?

  3. 4

    kae said,

    Cauliflower and bacon soup.

    • 5

      kcduffy said,

      I gave it to Lovely Daughter. She likes it raw, dipped in ranch dressing. Of course, she’ll eat almost anything if it’s dipped in ranch dressing, it’s how I got her to eat broccoli & cauliflower & carrots & cucumbers when she was a tot!

  4. 6

    swampie said,

    Heh. Don’t eat cauliflower. To me it is like broccoli but without the good for you stuff.

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