More Hair Follies

SwampDaughter and I got our hair cut Thursday evening. Her instructions to the hairdresser were to redneckify it by shortening and layering because she felt the need for big hair again. Her previous hairdresser had decided that a busy working mother with three young children including a newborn really needed hair like Kate Middleton along with a regimen that included blow drying and styling for a half hour in the morning. Snort. Like that’s gonna happen. Daughter has full, thick, wavy hair that, with layers, will look gorgeous with no blow drying whatsoever.

After I got my hair cut, she said “Word of advice. When giving instructions about your cut, do NOT say things like ‘short and fringy’. You REALLY need to give better instructions.”

WHAT? I have full, thick hair, too. Unless I get it under control with a whip and a chair (or a scissors wielded in a ruthless hand), I look like Einstein on a bad hair day.

She’s right, though. My hair, though short, isn’t NEARLY fringy enough.


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  1. 1

    kae said,

    It’s hard to find a good hairdresser, by that I mean one who LISTENS to what you want.

    My hairdresser of the past 17 years knows what she can and can not do. My hair must be long enough to put into a pony tail, off my face and neck.

  2. 2

    no2liberals said,

    Who is Kate Middleton?

    • 3

      no2liberals said,

      Well, I’m not going to google her name, whoever the Hell she is.

      • 4

        swampie said,

        The one that married Prince William.

      • 5

        no2liberals said,

        O0000h, that would explain why I never heard of her.
        I avoided that nonsense like I am avoiding that murder trial in Florida.
        What’s up with that anyway? There are murder trials going on every day, everywhere.

      • 6

        swampie said,

        Beats me! As for the murder trial, I think that (a) she killed the kid, and (b) the state isn’t going to be able to prove it.

      • 7

        swampie said,

        We have coverage during the day here, probably because it was such a big deal with people out searching for that child every single day and all the time, she lay dead and her momma KNEW IT. It really pissed people off. The whole FAMILY pisses people off.

      • 8

        no2liberals said,

        I can understand Florida folks might be interested, but it hardly rates so much national coverage.
        I don’t know nothing about those folks and don’t want to know about them.
        The country is going to Hell in a recycling grocery bag and they carry on about this one murder.
        /palms meet face

      • 9

        swampie said,

        Well, buck up, and figure out how you’re gonna go Galt.

      • 10

        no2liberals said,

        Already have and made a post about it at nuke’s on the latest thread.

  3. 11

    Robert D said,

    Mrs. D is my hairdresser…#2 setting on the electric clippers.

  4. 13

    swampie said,

    I was over at son’s house with daughter and grandkids. He was outside working in his garden. Again, I looked over his tattoos and asked “where is the one that says Momma”?

    He pointed to a tattooed demon, and said “Well, I had ’em put your picture right there….”

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