The Summer Is Flyin’ By

Yeah, the summer is flyin’ by, and I’m spinnin’ around in circles goin’ “Hunh? Wait, I’ve got more stuff to do! How’d it get to be the end of June? I’m not READY, damnit!” Einstein must have some kinda theory that can explain why three weeks with my lil’ grandkids visiting has flown past like a chicken in a tornado while my last three weeks of work before summer vacation were like a root canal that took five years with a dentist singing off-key showtunes.

For your late night viewing pleasure:

For your not safe for work viewing pleasure, depending on where you work. There are some workplaces that don’t have anything against nekkid people in the sauna pickin’ and grinnin’. I don’t actually work for one of those workplaces. If you do, and they have any openings, let me know. Well, openings for actual work for monetary compensation. Not for a place in the sauna.

h/t to Aladin Sane at Grouchy Conservative Pundits for bringing this amazing Finnish group to my attention.

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    no2liberals said,

    Tell Ol’insane lad I said howdy.

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