Cell Phone Shopping

I went shopping for a new cell phone today. SwampSon has a Blackberry he wants me to have because he has another phone/handheld internet connection device that he likes better. Personally, I’m kinda skeered of getting something that I can read my Email and surf the web with. It could lead to big problems. What if I started answering my Emails? What if I started actually reading my work Emails? Warning, warning, dangerous precedent!

The biggest problem that I can see with a smart phone is that, instead of dodging people walking along squinting at their phone screen, I’d be walking along squinting at MY phone screen and not jumping outta the way. Hmmmm. Note to self: Large padded bras could perform a sort of bumper function. If I get whacked over the head and forced to take a smart phone, I better look into it.

Driving is another danger area. Sometimes I feel like I’m playin’ Frogger on the freeway, dodging the people that are lookin’ at their phone instead of the road and actual vehicles on it. What if I turn into one of those extremely annoying phone-staring people? SwampMan tells me that I can’t yank ’em out of their car at a stoplight and smack ’em for driving by fleetingly glancing at the road every 30 seconds or so. I might be seduced by the dark side of the smart phone and so be sitting at a stoplight one day Tweeting and somebody may open my door, yank me out, smack me around, and throw me back inside. Note to self: I might have to get more insurance.

SwampMan was saying things like “Look at the features on this one!” and I was saying things like “Look how tiny it is!” and he was saying things like “they don’t make phones as big as an IPad anymore”, and I was saying “Well, they SHOULD”. After all, squinching my eyes to see the screen is something that a woman my age should NOT do.

Not to mention the prospect of losing it. SwampMan does not see why I should worry about losing it because he is always the one who has to pay for a new one because I won’t buy one because I might lose it.

Well. We’re going to look at more phones next week.

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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    The only phone I would swap my iphone for is one with an even bigger screen. One of the things I like about the iphone is I can pinch the screen to make the print smaller or spread the screen to make the print larger. It so easy.
    If you go with an iphone or droid, just stay away from the apps. Studies have shown that at least half of all third party apps are serious data trackers/data miners.
    You ought to check out some utube tutorials on some of the phones you are considering, that’s what I did when I decided on the 3gs phone and then after to learn how to use it.

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    Son has the ‘droid and really likes it. There’s one that hasn’t been released to the American market yet that I’d like to look at.

  3. 3

    swampie said,

    Uh, not a ‘droid that hasn’t been released to the American market yet, another one.

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